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Business Silver Card

A business payment card for demanding clients.

The Business Silver Card is intended for:

  • natural persons – entrepreneurs
  • corporate entities
  • cities, municipalities, clusters of cities and municipalities, regions and contributory organisations established by them and corporate entities founded by them
  • for everyday use
  • regular payments and regular expenditure
  • payments on your travels
  • payments on the Internet
  • immediate access to your money
  • security for your cash

Characteristics of the Business Silver Card:

  • an international business contactless payment card
  • for demanding clients
  • allows you to draw on high weekly limits
  • offer of exclusive additional services 

Advantages of the Business Silver Card:

  • comprehensive Travel insurance
  • possibility of using Cash back
  • assistance services for motorists in the CR and Europe
  • contactless payments

The Business Silver Card allows you to:

  • withdraw cash from cash machines
  • withdraw cash at bank counters (cash advance)
  • pay by card for goods and services

How to get a Business Silver Card?

  • contact your relationship manager
  • call the free KB Info line on 800 521 521


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