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Complete overview of products and services included in the section Financing

This list contains an overview of the products and services included in the Financing section of Komerční banka. The product and service overview is arranged in alphabetical order.

  • Authorised Overdraft in a Commercial Current Account

    Authorised Overdraft is a short-term overdraft in CZK that allows you to finance fluctuations in your current funds. It is provided in the business current account. 

  • Bank Guarantee

    Secure yourself against the commercial risks of doing business. A bank guarantee is a quality instrument, which can be used the world over, for securing transactions.

  • Bank Overdraft for a Definite or Indefinite Period in CZK and in a Foreign Currency

    You can make use of a bank overdraft especially to finance operational requirements that ensue  from your commercial activities. The loan is administered in the framework of your current account.

  • Business World Card

    Unique credit card for entrepreneurs offering many other advantages to a business loan with an interest-free period, if actively used.

  • Credit Card for Entrepreneurs

    Make use of combined payment and loan product. It allows you to pay for goods and services and withdraw cash independently of the balance in your business current account. This credit card provides you easily and quickly with a loan of up to CZK 200,000, which you can drawn on anywhere in the world where you see the MasterCard logo. Now 2,2% price discount at Benzina filling stations.

  • Development Financing

    With Development Financing, you can  finance a development project, i.e. a business plan, the aim of which is to build or purchase real estate for the purpose of its further rental or sale.

  • EuroInovace Loan

    Do you launch new products? Do you invest in modern technologies, research and development, or upgrade internal processes? Then the special offer of the EuroInovace investment loan is just for you.

    Develop your business by using the guarantee of the European Investment Fund.

  • EuroPremium Young loan - discounted loan from European Investment Bank sources

    Employers of Young employees may receive financing with interest rate advantage.

  • Financing of Farm Land

    Advantageous conditions for the purchase of agricultural land and refinancing loans for its purchase.

  • FleetLease

    FleetLease is used by corporate clients for financing and operation of their vehicle fleetThe main product is full-service leasing, but the offer also includes operational leasing without services, reverse leasing and fleet management.

  • Loan for Investment in CZK and in a Foreign Currency

    Komerční banka offers you a loan for the acquisition of tangible or intangible fixed assets (buildings including projects, machinery and equipment or sets of these etc.) up to the level of the contractual price.

  • Loan for Operational and Investment Requirements in CZK and in a Foreign Currency

    If you would like to have sufficient funds to finance operating requirements or to invest in tangible and intangible assets, you can use a single loan contract in CZK.

  • Loan for Purchase of Shares or Business Shares in a Trading Company in CZK or in a Foreign Currency

    Komerční banka also offers you  a loan for financing of purchase of a business share in a commercial company and for purchase of shares into a strategic portfolio including privatisation.

  • Loans for Housing Cooperatives and Flat Owners Associations

    Komerční banka provide advantageous loans to housing cooperatives and flat owners associations for the purposes of reconstruction, modernisation, repairs and operation of residential buildings. The loans are provided even without security.

  • Loans Support by CMZR Bank

    Make the most of our long-term partnership with the Czech-Moravian Guarantee and Development Bank. We cooperate with this bank both in the field of guarantee programmes and in the field of co-financing of development projects through subordinated loans from CMZR Bank.

  • Mortgage Loan in CZK or in a Foreign Currency

    Make use of a medium-term or long-term loan toinvest, especially into real estate. A mortgage loan has to be secured by a right of lien on the real estate concerned.

  • Operational Loans for Business

    Make use of short-term, medium-term and long-term loans for operational and investment requirements, for current funds, or for a temporary lack of funds. The method of financing is a one-off loan, revolving loan or bank overdraft in a current account.

  • Ponte II Programme

    If you wish to utilise grants from the European funds, make use of a loan for pre-financing a grant under the Ponte II Programme. A loan for pre-financing a grant resolves the time discrepancy between payment of project costs and receipt of the grant. The loan for co-financing a project can be used to pay for costs not covered by the grant.

  • Profi Auto

    Financing of a vehicle purchase by ESSOX s.r.o.

  • Profi Factoring

    Profi Factoring is a modern and easy way of financing your trade receivables. With Profi Factoring, you not only gain financing, but also active management, collection and recovery of receivables by a factoring company.  

  • Profi Leasing

    Profi Leasing is designed to finance purchases of variety of machinery or equipment and is provided in the form of a financial lease with a buy option.

  • Profi Loan

    A Profi Loan is a business loan specially designed for small-scale entrepreneurs and SMEs with a significantly simplified and shortened approval process. A Profi Loan is a short-term or medium-term loan; you can use it to finance current funds and operational requirements or to purchase tangible investment assets.

  • Profi Loan FIX

    Profi Loan FIX is a business loan specially designed for small-scale entrepreneurs and SMEs with a significantly simplified and shortened approval process. It especially differs from the Profi loan in its annuity repayment with a fixed interest rate.

  • Profi Mortgage

    Profi Mortgage is a business loan specially prepared for entrepreneurs and SMEs. Approval process was significantly shortened and simplified.

    Profi Mortgage could be used for real estatete investment – purchase, reconstruction or construction of real estate.


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