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A dynamic, modern and secure method of communication with the bank.

The MojeBanka service is intended for:

  • individuals, entrepreneurs and enterprises

Characteristics of the MojeBanka service:

  • a modern KB service allowing everyday banking operations via the internet
  • non-stop access to the bank from any PC connected to the internet from the comfort of your own home or office
  • with the aid of MojeBanka, you can operate all of your accounts and allow access to these to several users by determining the scope of access rights
  • the security solution has been designed in line with electronic signature standards
    • top-level of security in both directions of communication
      • in terms of communication between the bank and the user
      • when signing orders in terms of the service
    • all communication takes place in SSL protocol (Secure Sockets Layer)
    • the user signs each active operation with his or her electronic signature
    • if a certificate in a file is used, each operation supplemented by an SMS authorisation code
  • protection of the computer against Internet threats provided by a proven tool Trusteer Rapport

Advantages of the MojeBanka service:

  • considerable time savings when handling your financial affairs – no need to visit the branch
  • constant control over movements in your accounts
  • instant overview of your current balance
  • available at any time – all year round at any time of day or night
  • very simple and user-friendly operation
  • financial savings – submission of orders is cheaper than at the branch
  • state-of-the-art security solution based on electronic signature standards
  • professionally trained user support on the KB Info line 955 551 552
  • the service is also available in English

The MojeBanka service allows you to:

  • obtain up-to-date information about accounts and transactions
    • obtain up-to-date information about all accounts, which you are allowed access to via the service.
    • view the history of your orders cleared in a selected account using Transaction History
    • set sending of SMS, e-mails or faxes about various events in your accounts (e.g. information about the balance, information about payments received and notifications about payment card operations etc.).
    • gain an overview of currently available credit limits for the possibility of immediately gaining a loan without providing proof of income and without any security
    • receive other interesting offers from KB or important operational news via the “Messagebox” service
  • gain electronic account and payment card statements
    • MojeBanka offers the option of downloading electronic statements for accounts and payment cards with the possibility of completely cancelling sending of paper statements
    • order older statements from an account or payment card
  • administrate payment cards
    • list of payment cards including graphic design
    • on-line payment card application, delivery at specified address
    • option to set up payment card parameters (such as internet payments, payment limits, automatic renewal)
    • contact details administration (payment card delivery address, phone number for a PIN delivery and receiving of authorization SMS for internet payments (3D Secure)
  • easily make payments and perform other operations
    • simple submission of payment and collection orders, standing orders, permission for direct debit, SIPO or direct debit for O2 Czech republic, a.s.
    • top up of mobile telephone credit for all domestic operators for yourself or anybody else and in the case of Vodafone, also pay invoices for their services
    • in the case of foreign payments, filling in of details made easy with a helpful wizard
    • possibility of predefining templates with information about regular payments – this will save you time
    • introduce multiple control over transactions – according to the “the accountant prepares, the manager authorises” principle
    • possibility to name your accounts and owners to make it easier to work with them
    • communication with accounting systems (sending of payment orders from an accounting system and downloading of transaction history into the system)
  • arrange a consumer loan or credit card on-line
    • in the case of a preapproved limit, which MojeBanka displays, the whole process right through to drawing on the amount in the current account can be performed from the comfort of your own home
  • invest into mutual funds
    • MojeBanka offer the possibility of concluding a contract on-line for investment into mutual funds
    • invest in the wide offer of IKS and Amundi funds, surrender participation certificates and implement transfers between funds from the comfort of your home or office
    • constant overview of investments, history of all investments and of course the current rates of the mutual funds as well as other useful information relating to investing
  • display information on KB subsidiaries’ products
    • overview on Pension Savings
    • direct access to Pension Savings application WebGarant
    • on-line building savings application and building savings product detail
  • conveniently operate your accounts – any time, any place
    • use of the service requires only a PC connected to the Internet.
    • banking operations can be performed regardless of the bank's opening hours
    • link with the Mobilni banka smartbanking application – access activation, setting up
    • easy to understand offer of orders and assistance in the form of a continuously available help function
  • save time and money
    • significant amount of time saved on regular visits to branches of the bank
    • savings on management of the account and transactions
  • use one of the most comprehensive internet banking products
    • the MojeBanka service provides a wide spectrum of on-line functions, which stand apart from the internet banking services provided by other banks in the Czech Republic
    • operation of the service is very easy and intuitive
    • professional user support is available 24 hours a day free of charge on the KB Info line 955 551 552.
  • order other KB services
    • with the aid of a simple form, you can request detailed information about other KB services and order selected services
    • a telephone banker will contact you at a time of your choice

Requirements for MojeBanka:

  • in order to conclude a contract, you must present a valid ID document
    • Czech citizens: a personal ID card
    • foreigners with permanent residency in the Czech Republic: a residency permit for foreigners stating the permanent residency address in the Czech Republic
    • foreigners without permanent residency in the Czech Republic: a passport
  • in order to authorise access to your account by other persons, the persons in question must visit the branch with the same documents
  • in order to open a business account with KB, also bring with you a trade licence or extract from the Commercial Register

Personal certificate

  • the first essential step towards establishing the MojeBanka service is creation of a personal certificate in a file or on a chip card
  • in order to use a personal certificate in a file you must have a mobile telephone number registered for receipt of SMS authorisation messages for active operations
  • the certificate will be used to secure communication between you and the bank – for logging in and when signing individual transactions
  • the personal certificate comes in the form of a file and may be saved on portable media (on a diskette, USB flash disk or CD) or on a chip card (if you use a chip card, you must install a reader)
How to get a KB personal certificate?
  • conclude the pertinent contract at your branch of Komerční banka. Then download the functional personal certificate at home from the Certification wizard.
  • for use of a certificate on a chip card, visit your branch of Komerční banka. Conclude the pertinent contract here and you will receive a functional personal certificate on a chip card on the spot.

How to get MojeBanka?

  • contact your relationship manager
  • call the free KB Info line 800 521 521


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