For sustainable business and country development

Sustainable Online Shopping

Komerční banka, Visa, Heureka, and the Association of Social Responsibility have jointly prepared the Sustainable Online Shopping project. The objective of the project is to identify and label online stores that strive for sustainable operations and consider the effects of their respective businesses. This facilitates decisions for customers that take sustainability criteria into account when shopping. Furthermore, the project is also designed to encourage and motivate businesses in transition to a sustainable business model.


Social Responsibility Association

In 2021, we became a member of the Association of Social Responsibility, the largest corporate social responsibility initiative (CSR) and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the Czech Republic. The aim of the Association is to make social responsibility and sustainability a natural part of business and the functioning of every organization in the Czech Republic.


We share ATMs with other banks

You can withdraw from more ATMs, we save energy on operations and reduce our carbon footprint.

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Business for society

In 2021, we joined Business for Society, the largest platform for responsible business in the Czech Republic. Business for the company helps companies to set and develop the principles of sustainable business and CSR.


Institute of Circular Economics

The Institute of Circular Economics (INCIEN), which helps companies with the real transition from linear to circular operation, is launching a scholarship educational program for mothers and fathers on maternity and parental leave with the financial support of Komerční banka. Thanks to him, selected candidates will be able to participate in the second year of the online course Circular Assignment for a symbolic price.

The KB Jistota Foundation also established a partnership with the Institute of Circular Economics (INCIEN) in 2021. The foundations, together with the Institute, are working to set better conditions in public procurement and private procurement.


Czech Banking Association

Commission on Sustainable Finance

In 2021, the member banks of the CBA established the Commission for Sustainable Finance, whose chairman was elected Hana Kovářová, director for brand strategy and communication at KB. This commission will long-term address the question of how banks can make a concrete contribution to creating conditions for the sustainable development of the Czech Republic.

Memorandum on Sustainable Finance

In 2021, we signed the CBA Memorandum for Sustainable Finance, in which we, together with other banks, reaffirmed our commitment to creating a business environment that will lead to the sustainable and socially responsible development of the country.

česká bankovní asociace

Let's Clean Up the Czech Republic

We have been supporting the volunteer event Let's Clean Up the Czech Republic as a main partner for several years. Our employees also volunteer to clean up selected locations. In 2019, for example, 250 of our employees helped clean up litter at more than 20 locations across the Czech Republic. Even the unfavourable conditions in 2020 did not deter our employees, and almost a hundred of them joined clean-up events once again.

Ukliďme česko

We donate blood

Blood donation takes place on the premises of Komerční banka several times a year, which is provided by the mobile transfusion station of the General University Hospital in Prague. Employees of the entire KB Group regularly participate in the donation, and all deadlines for donations are always fully met. We are very happy that our employees regularly donate blood at other regional transfusion stations.

Darování krve

We go to work by bike

We support non-motorized travel, which is why we take part in the May Call to Work by Bike every year. We have been improving workplace conditions for a long time and making it easier for employees to commute their bikes.


We help with the Jistota Foundation

The Jistota Foundation receives significant support directly from KB Group employees. They participate in the activities of the foundation every year in the form of a regular contribution, a one-time gift or by participating in one of the charity events.