Client satisfaction

We value feedback and pay attention to the security and availability of our products


We regard all complaints as an opportunity to improve our clients’ experience. Wherever possible, we accommodate our customers, seek to restore their trust, and make the dissatisfied ones satisfied again. Most of the negative client feedback is dealt with on an individual basis by relationship managers at branches and the Contact Centre, usually within 48 hours of receipt. Situations and suggestions that require broader contextual knowledge or any procedural changes are passed on via the functional system to colleagues dealing with the issue at hand. Based on our work with these suggestions, we then adjust, improve and innovate our products and services to meet our clients’ needs.

If you have any suggestions for improvement or if you want to let us know how you are satisfied/dissatisfied with our services, you can write to us here.

Client data security

We are continuously investing in the security of our clients’ data and further developing our system for detecting suspect payments.

KB klíč, Mobile banking, KB+

Secure two-factor authentication using KB Klíč has long been the predominant authentication method. It is already used by more than one million clients. The Mobile Bank app offers several features that enhance the security of our clients’ finances. For example, it can check whether the client has enabled Google Play Protect on their phone, and features biometric login, screen lock, and screen checks for overlay attacks.

The new KB+ app, which builds on Mobile Bank, also includes these functionalities, but offers a few more, such as the inability to share or upload a screen. KB+ also has an integrated KB Klíč, and so you no longer have to keep two apps in your phone.

Detection of suspicious payments

We guard online payments 7/24 in real time using the latest technology. In 2023, we intercepted 1,018 fraudulent payments, thereby salvaging more than CZK 108 million for the clients. 

Crypto scams (fake investments in cryptocurrencies), which made up almost one half of all the scams that we addressed, was the dominant type of fraud in 2023. Another very common fraud was in general phishing in all its forms, which accounted for more than a quarter (27%) of the cases that we handled. Clients can find detailed information on the most common types of online payment fraud on a dedicated website.

Availability of services for disadvantaged clients

We are committed to making our products and services accessible in many respects. One of them is the requirement that they are accessible and usable by all client groups, including those with disabilities. Currently, 158 branches (out of a total of 209) operate in the barrier-free mode and 724 ATMs (out of a total of 796) are also accessible for the physically disabled.

Hearing-impaired clients can use the Transcript service, thanks to which the conversation between the client and the relationship manager in a branch is transcribed on a monitor screen in real time. The hearing-impaired clients can thus communicate with their relationship manager easily and independently. We are also preparing translation from and into the Czech sign language. 

The KB+ application is now more accessible to visually impaired people. It allows them to listen to reading, to enlarge fonts or to use the high contrast mode on all common mobile platforms.

We were the first bank on the Czech market to issue payment cards with unique notches, Touch Cards, which make it easier for blind and partially sighted people to distinguish their payment card by type and orientation.

We help to tackle issues with repayment and promote financial education

The issue of (non)payment

We notify clients who are in arrears with their payments by way of an early warning system (text messages, e-mails, phone calls), and we also refer them to our website where they find articles on this topic and also practical information about what to do in the case of difficulties with payment, and we may also refer them to the Financial Distress Advisory Centre (Poradna při finanční tísni).

Economic Olympiad

For the fifth year, we have been the General Partner of the Economic Olympiad, an international competition that tests students’ knowledge of economic indicators as well as general understanding of finance and banking.

In 2023, some 30,800 students from more than 500 secondary schools participated in the Olympiad.

Bankers to Schools

Since 2014, we have been regularly involved in the Czech Banking Association’s project called Bankers to Schools. The project is based on bankers’ meetings with students of primary and secondary schools, during which the students have the opportunity to discuss not only the basics of financial literacy but also security in the online environment with the bankers. In 2023, Komerční banka was the umbrella under which 83 employees delivered the finance lectures.

Bankéři do škol