Komerční banka cooperates with important organizations and associations. We are searching for partners in all client segments.

The objective of this cooperation is to deliver added value to our clients. These mutually advantageous partnerships help us to better understand the needs of our current and potential clients and offer them more benefits and new services.

Czech Export Bank

Czech Export Bank (CEB) is a specialist, directly and indirectly state-owned banking institution. Established in 1995, it is a pillar of the government's pro-export policy system. CEB's mission is to support Czech exports and the reputation of the Czech Republic as a well-established international exporter, thus promoting the overall competitiveness of Czech products throughout the world.

CEB focuses on financial services related to exports. CEB has many years of experience in financing major export transactions of Czech exporters, as well as financing export contracts for smaller units or partial deliveries. The primary consumers of CEB products are foreign clients – partners to Czech exporters, for whom Czech goods and services are becoming a commodity not only for their reasonable prices but also for their quality.

CEB and Komerční banka

Komerční banka and Czech Export Bank signed a "Cooperation Agreement to Support Small and Medium Businesses". Based on this agreement, Komerční banka can offer its clients – subcontractors of end exporters, privilege loans to finance contracts and the option of taking advantage of a bank guarantee from Czech Export Bank. The programme is especially intended for businesses, which partake in exporter business cases through various types of subcontracts, provided their turnover/income does not significantly exceed the Czech crown equivalent of EUR 50 million.

The cooperation between both subjects is based on privilege financing provided by Komerční banka, safeguarded by the quality bank guarantee issued by Czech Export Bank.

Key benefits of the programme:

  • quick and easy approach towards financing, available to clients without the need for procurement (the primary procurement instrument is the pledge of receivables derived from the contract with the exporter)
  • availability throughout the entire Komerční banka network
  • bank guarantee for loans issued by Czech Export Bank up to 100% of the loan and 80% of the subcontract value

More information about Czech Export Bank, programmes and support, including request forms, can be found at