KB as Employer

Our basic philosophy is to build a long-term partnership with our employees based on mutual trust and open communication. To achieve this goal, we offer our employees interesting work, career and personal development and opportunities to express their views and needs.

Our goal is to provide equal opportunities in career management, so we do not forget about employees on maternity and parental leave to whom we provide conditions for smooth integration back to work.

We try to combine the interests of the Bank with the interests of our employees, i.e. to harmonise their work and personal lives. We are open to alternative forms of work. In the area of employee benefits, we are focus primarily on the long-term financial security of our employees, their health and social assistance in the event of unexpected situations during their lives.

Our values

Our values – team spirit, innovation, responsibility and engagement – are identical to our determination to achieve the maximum level of quality. These values form the basis of our international success, create KB’s unique identity and are reflected in all areas and levels of our work.

Team spirit creates our strength. We are open to discussion and constructive criticism, we draw on the heterogeneity of opinions of our colleagues and we build on the individual talents and cultural differences of our teams.

Innovation is a driving force of growth. Every day, we find new, creative solutions and new, dynamic procedures, which enable us to react quickly and flexibly to changes in the global and local markets and to the needs of our customers.

Responsibility not only applies to ourselves but to duties that are assigned to us. This includes tasks that employees must consider their own and accept as a natural requirement bestowed upon them in particular, so that others can rely on them.

When speaking of engagement, we refer to the motivation of employees who participate in tasks and special projects entrusted to them, which eventually make an impact on all processes in the bank.