SG Group in the Czech Republic

Société GénéraleSociété Générale is one of the biggest financial groups in the eurozone. It employs 157,000 employees in 83 countries around the world. Of this workforce, almost 9,000 staff members are located in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

SG Group is sociably responsible, which is directly reflected into its corporate culture and the approach not only to its employees, but also clients.

The target of the Group is to build and develop a team of the best employees where all of them contribute their specific knowledge, skills and view of the world.

All employees have the possibility of continual professional and personal development. One of the most effective tools which we support is internal mobility.

In addition to Komerční Banka, a.s., the following companies operating in the Czech Republic and Slovakia also belong to the world-wide Société Générale Group.