Students and Graduates

Students and graduates are groups that we pay special attention to. They are a source of innovation that push our bank forward. For this reason, we help them to start their professional careers and develop their potential.

For new graduates who have become KB employees, we organise the ConnectinG and ConnectinG+ integration and development programmes. For university students, we arrange for their participation in the international Société Général game Citizen Act, which focuses on corporate social responsibility.

We participate in a series of job fairs that are organised by major universities and organisations that we cooperate with regularly:

  • Career Days
  • Czech-Slovak virtual job and education fair
  • Šance
  • Job Challenge Brno
  • Job Fair Kariéra in Ostrava
  • Job Fair Kontakt+ in Pardubice
  • Job Fair UTB in Zlín

The list of situations which are currently vacant and suitable for students or young graduates depends on the needs of the Bank.

You can find a list of job vacancies in the Opened positions section. If, however, you create your own Candidate Profile, you will be informed about job vacancies by e-mail.

Master’s and Bachelor’s theses

Every year we encounter intense interest from students in working with Komerční banka on their Bachelor’s or Master’s theses and on the related research.

At this time, we are preparing a system of offers of support for these dissertations. Upon its implementation, students will have the chance to “apply for” specific listed topics and then work on them in cooperation with the bank.

We will inform you about the launch of this system on these web pages.