Civil Society

An integral part of Komerční banka's CSR is formed by sponsorship, philanthropy and employees' social involvement.


Komerční banka focuses on supporting culture, sport and education. It's a partner of institutions, projects and events of society-wide significance, whereby it places emphasis primarily on the extraordinary human, social and artistic aspect of the projects. KB particularly values long-term collaboration.

Its largest sponsored entity from the cultural sphere have long included the National Gallery in Prague. Last year, Komerční banka expanded its collaboration with the National Gallery to include support for admissions to permanent exhibitions for children and youth under 18, and students under 26. Now these groups have free admission. Vivaldianno 2015 was another large cultural project which KB supported in the year 2015.

It also continued its traditional collaboration with the French Film Festival, which presents the best films recorded in French production and co-production, and belongs among the most important film festivals in the Czech Republic.

Sponsorship of amateur sport focuses primarily on projects which bring joy and entertainment to the general public.

KB decided to continue its long-term support of floorball, which belongs among the most popular sports in the Czech Republic, and thus remains the Czech Floorball Union's main partner. Fire sports is also a distinctive Czech phenomenon. It's a physically demanding and visually attractive sport, which completely fills the idea: "Partnership matters.“ Since the year 2012, KB has sponsored the Czech Fire Sport Championship.

Komerční banka's connection with Prague Zoo ranks among the most successful. In December 2015, KB received the Big Richard award, named after the popular representative of lowland gorillas in the Prague Zoo, as recognition of more than ten years of its support.


Komerční banka organizes a number of volunteering activities every year, which employees of the entire KB group can get involved in. In this way, KB employees support projects aimed at help for the needy, and quality of the environment. In the year 2015, a total of seven major charitable activities were organized and supported on a bank-wide level. A whole range of other initiatives is being created within the bank's individual divisions.

  • Blood donations – Blood donations have been taking place on KB ground for eight years in collaboration with hospitals in Prague, České Budějovice, Hradec Králové, Plzeň, Liberec, Ústí nad Labem, Ostrava, Olomouc, Zlín and Brno. In the year 2015, over 200 employees registered for voluntary blood donations.
  • Cycle to work – Komerční banka's employees regularly participate in the Cycle to Work event. In the year 2017, 195 employees participated in this competition for green spring kilometres, announced by the Auto*Mat initiative, and they cycled a total of 51,034 km. Thus, they reduced CO2 production by approximately 4.5 tonnes. Over six years, employees in Komerční banka cycled an incredible 199,480 km under the Cycle to Work scheme, thereby saving over 19.8 tonnes of CO2. Thanks to the contributions, over 115,000 CZK was collected for charity.
  • Art competition – The first European Sustainable Development Week took place in June 2015, in connection with the World Water Day. As part of this event, Komerční banka organized an art competition. Employees' children painted picture with the themes "Happy Planet" and "My Dream Town" for the competition.
  • Eyeglasses collection – During summer 2015, Komerční banka organized an event with the aim of collecting as many unneeded eyeglasses as possible. All of the collected pieces were handed over to the organization Lions Club International, which has been dealing with their collection and distribution for twenty years. In total, 1,500 pairs of eyeglasses were collected.
  • Employee photograph auction – Another project in which KB employees participate is an annual employee photograph auction. In the year 2016, 229 entries were sent in for the competition for the 13 best photographs. The selected photographs were printed in a large format, framed and auctioned by the employees. A calendar, intended for sale, was also created from the photographs. The proceeds from the auction and sale of the calendar were almost 100,000 CZK. The collected sum was doubled by Nadace Jistota [Assurance Foundation], and the proceeds were divided among the following entities according to the participating employees' wishes: Babybox for abandoned children, House of Three Wishes for the socially handicapped, the Czech Wheelchair Rugby Union for the physically handicapped, and the Palliative Care Centre.
  • Clothes collection – In autumn 2015, the Bank organized a clothes collection for the benefit of the non-profit organization Borůvka Praha [Blueberry Prague] o.p.s. in its four headquarters buildings in Prague. Approximately 900 kg of clothes were collected, which will be sold in the Koloběh [Cycle] second-hand charity shop, or given to those who need them.
  • Movember – In November, Komerční banka is participating in the Movember event, for the support of prostate cancer research. Some men among the employees have expressed their participation by growing a moustache, which is a symbol of the event. The so-called Simple Challenge, whose main aim was to raise awareness of the need for preventive examinations, also joined at the same time. Thanks to KB employees' efforts, the challenge to participate in preventive examinations was accepted by 4,800 men. 24,000 CZK was collected in a fund-raiser organized throughout the Bank as part of Movember.

Financial inclusion

  • Financial literacy – In the year 2017, Komerční banka's employees joined the Bankers in Schools project organized by the Czech Banking Association in close collaboration with the SCIO educational society. With the support of the Assurance Foundation and in collaboration with the Accenture society, KB continued to educate young people who leave orphanages and enter working life. The distribution network's employees trained the children from the orphanages directly in KB branches. The programme ended with a competition in which the young people demonstrated their new found knowledge in practice.
  • Financial Difficulty Advice Bureau – Komerční banka has been a partner of the Financial Difficulty Advice Bureau since its establishment in the year 2008, and appoints two representatives from the ranks of its employees to the Advice Bureau's administrative board. The Financial Difficulty Advice Bureau is a public benefit society which focuses on the provision of free and independent debt advice to citizens. It supports clients in their efforts to resolve their financial difficulties or insolvency, and assists in submitting debt forgiveness proposals. The Advice Bureau's activity also includes working with the consumer so that they can gain a deeper financial and legal awareness in the area of accepting credits and loans. In the year 2015, Komerční banka supported the Advice Bureau with a donation of 1,678,964 CZK. These resources were used to provide advisory services and ensure the Advice Bureau's operation.