Environment and Responsible Sourcing

Komerční banka is developing its activities in the area of environmental protection, and introduces measures which reduce its operational impact on its surroundings. For example, in practice, these measures lead to reducing paper consumption, proper and economical handling of waste and energy, and monitoring of business trip and transport expenses.

Sorting of waste

In KB, every employee has the opportunity to sort waste since the year 2009. "Waste Handling" information cards are found in all buildings, with detailed information about the manner of sorting waste in the given building. Komerční banka also ensures the take-back of empty print cartridges and toners, light bulbs, building and kitchen waste, and air-conditioning coolant. It also takes care of discarded furniture and other inventory. Liquidation of other waste is usually arranged for KB by specialized external companies.


In the year 2015, several technical measures were realized which will bring energy and cost savings and increase the reliability of electricity supplies in the future. These measures include the optimization of transformers, sale of some electrical equipment, and improved administration of the reserved electricity supply capacity and the main circuit-breakers' values.

Relationships with suppliers

Komerční banka employs the so-called Ethical Sourcing Programme, valid throughout the entire Société Générale group. Every contractual supplier of KB undertakes to abide by the principles arising from this programme, and KB reserves the right to initiate an independent audit. Many of KB's key suppliers also hold a EcoVadis system certification in the area of corporate social responsibility, which provides sufficient information about the supplier's behaviour in relation to their surroundings.