Jistota Foundation

Komerční banka’s JISTOTA foundation was established on 9 September 1994. In its almost 20 years of existence, it has become one of the most important corporate foundations in the Czech Republic. The Foundation financially supports social and health projects, civil society development projects and education projects. Fairly substantial funds from the foundation’s budget are also designated for helping people in difficult life situations and disabled people.

The principle mission of the Foundation is to assist with specific projects. According to the list compiled by Fórum dárců (Czech Donors Forum), Komerční banka’s Jistota foundation regularly ranks among the top ten corporate foundations in the Czech Republic – during its existence, it has contributed more than 120 million Czech crowns to various projects.

The Foundation supports not only projects of a national scale, but also projects that are regionally specific. Regional projects are executed in close cooperation with Komerční banka’s branches.

More information about the Foundation’s work and about specific projects, partners and donors can be found on www.nadacejistota.cz.