Responsible Employer

Work environment and diversity

Komerční banka sees its employees' diversity as a significant positive value, which as a result helps the performance of every member of the team. That's why the bank pays heed to:

  • A balance between professional and private life
  • Gender diversity
  • Employment of disabled persons

Employee remuneration principles 2015

The remuneration policy in KB observes these basic principles:

  • Principle of internal fairness – The same remuneration appertains to the same work and same performance under the same transparent conditions.
  • Principle of external competitiveness – During its fulfilment, we also utilize regular market research.
  • Principle of risk factoring – Remuneration remains in accordance with healthy and effective risk management.

The remuneration structure is formed of three components:

  • Basic salary for work performed
  • Variable remuneration component for achieved performance
  • Employee benefits which support employees' sense of belonging in the KB group

Employee education and development

Komerční banka prepares a wide menu of educational activities and programmes for its employees. In the year 2015, every employee devoted on average 6.1 days to education, and 79% colleagues completed voluntary training.

Finding and acquiring talent

In the year 2015, Komerční banka continued its collaboration with colleges, universities and student organizations, and in an evaluation by Czech students it was ranked 22nd out of one hundred employers, i.e. the highest ranking by a banking institution.

SG employee barometer

During May 2015, 76% of employees expressed their opinions in a satisfaction survey (conducted every 2 years). According to most employees, Komerční banka's overall situation remains stable, or is improving. The pace of change is in line with expectations and, compared to previous years, awareness of action plans prepared on the basis of previous research has also increased.