Responsible Funding

Ecological and social commitments

In connection with the ecological, social and economic aspects of its activity, Komerční banka accepted several commitments based on the bank's regulatory obligations, and the Société Générale group's institutional commitments. Their formulations are dealt with in the General Principles of Ecologically and Socially Responsible Conduct, as well as related sector and inter-sector policies.

Komerční banka is also introducing processes into its operations whose aim is to limit the potential negative impacts connected with transactions and clients. They also include the evaluation of clients from the perspective of ecologically and socially responsible conduct.

Sector and inter-sector policies

At present, sector and inter-sector policies cover approximately twelve sectors regarded as potentially sensitive in terms of ecologically and socially responsible conduct, or in terms of ethics.

List of the monitored, and list of the excluded

Société Générale's internal experts compile quarterly-updated lists of subjects monitored in relation to ecologically and socially responsible conduct. The entire Société Générale group, including KB, has undertaken not to knowingly provide banking or financial services to such companies, or their parent companies or subsidiaries.

Measures against corruption

Strict rules regarding employees' conduct and behaviour protect Komerční banka against corrupt practice. The aim of these measures is to minimize the risks of corruption within Komerční banka or by its suppliers and intermediaries, and thereby protect it against damage to its good reputation.

Measures against money laundering and funding of terrorism

Komerční banka makes every effort to prevent the misuse of its services for the purposes of money laundering or funding of terrorism. For this purpose, it employs rules, methods and control procedures in accordance with the appropriate legal regulations, norms and requirements of the Société Générale financial group. These rules and methods are the subject of regular verification and updating, whereby employees' awareness of them is strengthened in the form of regular training and testing.