Offer of banking services on the principle of solidarity

Komerční banka already has a number of products and services in its portfolio which fall into the sphere of so-called green and solidary products. However, it continues to devote its innovative efforts to expanding its product portfolio to include products and services connected with charity.


Komerční banka contributes to permanently sustainable development by funding projects with a positive impact on the needs of the population, the environment, and regional economic development. These purposes are served by the following products from the KB portfolio.

  • EuroInovace [EuroInnovation]Small and medium-sized innovative enterprises can benefit from support in the form of a EuroInovace loan, which is available under advantageous conditions in collaboration with the European Investment Fund (EIF).
  • EuroPremium Young – Within the scope of this programme, companies which help people under 30 gain employment are entitled to lower interest rates on loans from Komerční banka. In the year 2015, KB supported approximately 160 companies in this way, and provided loans amounting to a total of 3.2 billion CZK.
  • EuroMuni – The EuroMuni programme offers support to municipalities during the realization of their development projects in the form of a discount from the interest rate on loans.
  • EuroEnergy – Through this programme, Komerční banka's corporate clients can gain funding with lower interest rates and more benevolent security requirements for their projects aimed at reducing energy consumption. Komerční banka has become the first bank in the Czech Republic to take part in this initiative.

Investment banking

  • Emission allowances – KB is also engaged in environmental protection via emission allowance trading. In the year 2015, KB concluded emission allowance trades with its clients of a total volume of almost 130 million EUR, which represents roughly 16.5 million traded CO2 allowances.
  • Transparent accounts – So-called transparent accounts enable the transaction history to be published on the internet, and are provided free of charge. This service is most frequently used by foundations and foundation funds, public benefit organizations, societies, municipalities, political parties, housing unit owner associations and housing co-operatives. In short, all entities that want to be as transparent as possible in their activity. KB registered 435 such accounts to the end of the year 2015.
  • Special programmes – The MojeOdměny concept brings KB clients rewards for their activity while using KB products. There's no need to register for the concept in any way; it's an automatic service which transfers the rewards to active clients' accounts.