CBA Codes

Code of conduct between banks and clients issued by Czech Banking Association

Ethics based on trust and confidence between a bank and its client has belonged to bank business since the very beginning of bank existence and is a necessary condition for successful cooperation. Confidence is an essential step towards a functioning banking system. Clients must feel confidence to their bank to which they entrust their savings; on the other hand a bank must trust that it will not be deceived by its clients who will repay the money lent.

The Code of Conduct between Banks and Clients was established on the basis of public discussion regarding the relationship between banks and their clients. The objective of the Code is to especially define the rights of bank clients on the one hand and the banks' rights towards their clients and the solution of mutual disputes on the other.

By acceding to the Code, the content becomes binding for the bank. The Code contributes to the self-regulation of the banking market, by formalizing the standards of banking activities.

In accordance with Article 1.6.2 of this Code of Conduct on Relations between Banks and Clients we allege that KB is not participate on observance of Standard CBA No. 18 / 2005 – “Code of Conduct on Home Loans” and the “Code on the Provision of Pre-Contractual Information Pertaining to Home Loans”; we do, however fulfill most of fulfill most of the requirements set out in these documents.

The Code is also available for consultation at KB branches.

Mobility of clients – bank account switching procedures

The Code “Mobility of clients – bank account switching procedures” was created on basis of the Common Principles for Bank Account Switching published by the European Banking Industry Committee (EBIC) in 2008.

These principles include an overview of the rules and procedures in place in case clients wish to change banks and transfer their standing payment orders and direct debit consents to a different bank. The CBA has incorporated these Common EBIC principles into its Code

The objective of the Code is to set out common and binding principles and rules for switching bank accounts.

The following documents are available in Czech language only.