Commitments for Individuals, Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

PROFESSIONALISM is one of our corporate values. The commitments listed below are our guarantee of a professional approach to you, our clients.


Security of your financial transactions is essential for us

  • Access to your money is simple and secure. All forms of login to Internet and telephone banking are subject to multi-level checks and have a high level of security.
  • You have control over access to your account. Our Internet banking shows the date, time and IP address (a computer‘s unique address) for the last 10 logins.
  • Our products protect your financial transactions. Only our product – Merlin insurance – provides insurance against loss, theft or misuse, not only of your payment card issued by KB, but also of your other cards issued by banks in the Czech Republic.


Rely on our experience

  • We do our best for your satisfaction. Should you not be satisfied with your new account or selected products during the first three months, the fees will be refunded.
  • The guarantee covers fee refunds for:
    • account fees for new current accounts (applies to the following products: MyAccount package, ProfiAccount package, Profi Account GOLD, G2 student account, TOP offer, MůjÚčet GOLD account, current account in CZK for individuals, current account in foreign currency for individuals, current account in CZK for entrepreneurs and companies and municipalities managed by branches, current account in foreign currency for entrepreneurs and companies and municipalities managed by branches)
    • newly concluded products:
      • Gold Card,
      • Business Gold Card,
      • Platinum VISA,
      • PLATINUM Card,
      • Transaction package for individuals,
      • Package of 10 transactions for entrepreneurs and companies and municipalities managed by branches.
    • administration and management of credit card accounts: A Card, Lady Card, Viva karta, Business World Card
    • reservation of funds for overdraft for entrepreneurs


Our services save your time

  • We provide you with fast access to your money. By registering a telephone number for Expresní linka you increase the security of access to your accounts and speed up communication with the bank. You can then ascertain your a vailable balance within 15 seconds.
  • We guarantee fast access to all information about our products and services. Using the “Call Me Back” service on the Internet, you can determine when you wish to be contacted by our phone banker.
  • We can help you transfer an account to us. We can arrange a transfer of your regular payments from your original account to KB. We also arrange termination of the old account with the original bank.
  • You can make fast, secure payments for goods from the comfort of your own home. Apart from payments via Internet, telephone or mobile banking, you can also use the MojePlatba service. You can pay for goods and services from partner companies through a few clicks of the mouse and at the same time retain a high standard of security.


Trust is the most precious asset you give us

  • Our price list is transparent. Its full version, including advice from our specialists on how to save money, is available on the Internet and at all KB branches.
  • We pass all information to you with transparent clarity. For each financial service or product, we provide you with detailed information about its content and operation, as well as about the charges and benefits.
  • We give you time to make a decision. Draft contracts including terms and conditions are available for consultation off our branches, and selected forms and product conditions are also available on the Internet.

Individual approach

We are here for you

  • Our aim is to take care of you. Your Relationship Manager will advise you when selecting a suitable product or service from the wide range offered by the KB Group. You will find contact details for your Relationship Manager on your Internet banking page.
  • We manage your personal and corporate finances. We offer a personal account free of charge to go with each corporate package.
  • Our services are adapted to your own time possibilities. The KB Information Line and the Clients‘ Direct Banking Line are available free of charge 365 days a year. Selected branches are also open on Saturdays and some provide extended opening hours.
  • We adapt our products and services to your needs and desires. You can choose your own PIN or the design of your payment card. You can modify the amount of installments for your private mortgage. We also offer electronic account statements instead of their hard copy form. Most of our branches have disabled access.