Quality Commitments

Garance kvality - motiv

We guarantee the quality of our products

Partnership matters. We emphasize long-term relations with our clients.

A 6-month trial of the selected services, availability of ATMs and branch offices, clear and open communication.

These obligations are our guarantee for a professional approach to you, our clients.

Try out our banking products

Try out and see whether you like KB's approach to banking. With our new offer we will allow you to try out selected KB products for up to 6 months free of charge. For instance, if you don't like our account, you can close it and we will refund you all of the associated administration fees.


The security of your finances is our top priority

Trusteer - motive

We protect your finances

  • We verify all payments and contact you for confirmation if any transaction is evaluated as suspicious.
  • All types of logging into the e-banking, phone or mobile banking are subjected to several levels of authorization and have a high degree of security.
  • We offer the installation of security tools by IBM free of charge; these will efficiently as well as effectively protect your computer and mobile banking against harmful programs.

Recommended security settings

  • You can set up notifications for your balance, executed payments or for instance payments by cards.
  • You can also set a daily security limit for cashless transfers in e-banking and mobile banking.
  • Information and tips for staying safe in the virtual world are provided at www.kb.cz/security.

Fair play

Trust is the most valuable thing you give us

Try us out

We offer the possibility of trying out our most frequently used services. If you're not satisfied with your newly opened account and most frequently used services during the first six months, we'll refund all of the associated fees.

For more information see Product trials.

ATMs - motive

Guarantee of ATMs availability

We guarantee the availability of KB's wide network of ATMs supporting withdrawals and deposits, 24 hours a day. If a withdrawal or deposit cannot be carried out at a KB ATM, you can withdraw or deposit financial resources free of charge at KB's closest branch office with a cash register.

We openly inform you about all you need to know

We provide detailed and transparent information regarding the content, advantages as well as fees for each financial service and product.

We also always inform you of any changes well in advance.

If you're not satisfied with the changed conditions or the new account fee during the first six months, we'll refund all of the associated fees.

Agreement  - motive

We hold up our end of the deal!

We provide a 30-day guarantee for interest rates on newly negotiated personal mortgages.


Our services save your time

KB branch in your town

  • We can process a Personal Loan within 30 minutes at a branch.
  • We understand entrepreneurs. We'll be happy to inform you within 24 hours of your loan options and we'll only require the essential documents to do so.
  • You can quickly and comfortably take care of everything you need, "under a single roof". We save your time by providing simple and quick access to the wide range of services offered by the entire KB group, all at a single place.


  • Your bank advisor is ready to discuss the selection of a suitable solution from the wide range of services offered by the entire KB group.
  • Quick access to your finances. We will provide you with quick access to Mobilní banka, among others via fingerprint authentication. You can continuously monitor your remaining balance, for instance using a widget on your mobile or Apple Watch.
  • Internet or mobile banking, which are continuously updated and improved through the addition of unique options, allows you to quickly manage your finances and easily take care of all your requirements.

We're here for you

We welcome and respect the individual needs of each client

KB branch in your town and 24/7 support

  • You'll always have access to your personal bank advisor, an extensive team of specialists at our branches and employees of our client center by phone – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They'll be ready and available to provide you with professional financial services.
  • You can also easily arrange a meeting with your bank advisor via the calendar in your e-banking.
  • Our services are easy to use and it's only up to you which method you choose to use. You will also have the opportunity to try out the most frequently used services in advance.
  • Your suggestions are an inspiration for our future improvements and changes. Each message is processed as soon as possible.
Product trials - motive

We are with you during each of your life's milestones!

  • We provide "custom-tailored" specialized consultations for our clients and we'll also prepare a financial solution for various situations.
  • We'll create a personalized financial plan that will be available to you in your e-banking. More at www.mojeplany.cz.