BIC (Bank Identifier Code) is the international bank identification code.

The BIC has 8 or 11 characters and consists of a 4–digit bank code (the code for the Komerční banka is KOMB), a 2–digit code (the code for the Czech Republic is CZ) and a 2–digit code for the region or the town (the code for the Komerční banka with its registered office in Prague is code PP). In the case of an 11–digit BIC, a 3–digit branch code is added.

The BIC code for the Komerční banka is KOMBCZPPXXX (KOMBCZPP).

According to legal theory, a bill of exchange is defined as a security fulfilling requirements exactly defined by law, in particular an unconditional obligation or order of the issuer to pay a determined financial amount at a certain time, at a certain place.

At the same time, a bill of exchange ensures its lawful holder the right to require this fulfilment from the person who signed the bill of exchange.

Under the terms of a freight transportation contract, the carrier may be obliged to issue the sender a bill of lading upon accepting the consignment. A bill of lading is a document evidencing the right to demand that the carrier issue the consignment in accordance with the provisions of this document.

Priority right for a settlement of receivables resulting from an indemnification in favour of a physical/legal entity.

Blocking of funds on the account linked to the payment card occurs in time of approval of the on-line transaction by the bank (authorization). Komerční banka is usually not authorized to interfere to realized transaction and is authorized to block resources until the transaction is cleared.

A bond is a security connected with the holder’s right to demand the payment of a due amount in the nominal value and the payout of returns ensuing from it as at a certain date.

Is sold for a price lower than its nominal value.

Is sold for a price higher than its nominal value.

Is a debit or credit payment card issued to a business account or to account for entrepreneurs. The business card is used to draw company funds. It is also referred to as a company card.