Is a non-stop phone line of "KB Customer Service", which you can contact in case of any questions or for solutions of non-standard situations concerning payment cards. (non-functional card, stoplisting a card, card transaction verification, etc.)

The phone number of the KB Card Customer Service line for payment cards is provided at the back of your payment card and on a special card that you will receive together with your card. You will be informed in advance in case the phone numbers change. Phone numbers are also available in KB branches and on-line at www.kb.cz.

KOBOS (Continual Exchange Trading System) is founded on the principle of the continuous conclusion of transactions in connection to the immediate supply and demand for securities.

Trade in KOBOS is concluded on the basis of comparing and pairing orders, which are entered by the trader directly into KOBOS in real time (generally speaking, stock exchange trades are made in real time with a time priority).

Trading in KOBOS ties in with trading at a fixed price as part of the time schedule of the stock exchange day. The reason for this is the fact that the opening price in KOBOS is equal to the price reached during trading at a fixed price (fixing). When concluding these transactions use is made of the principle of price, followed by time priority, whereby the price, and within a set of identical prices, the time when the order was placed, is the decisive factor when pairing (satisfying orders).