Card transaction when concluding business via means of distance communication (phone, e-mail, fax, etc.). Transactions are usually realized without the presence of the payment card.

Is an international association providing a license to the Bank for issuing and using MasterCard payment cards.

MasterCard® BUSINESS SELECTION represents a set of services, discounts and other benefits provided to holders of MasterCard® cards for companies (Business and Corporate). To use these benefits the card holders only need to pay in selected restaurants, car rentals, taxi services, cash & carry shops and many other merchants offering attractive goods and services and to present their BUSINESS SELECTION membership card. More information about the program is available at www.mastercard.cz/business.

The MasterCard® ELITE program represents a set of benefits, rewards and other services provided under certain conditions to holders of premium MasterCard® cards (MasterCard® Gold, MasterCard® Platinum, MasterCard® World, MasterCard® World Elite). For more information see www.eliteprogram.cz.

The time when securities are due.

A before agreed period, in which the loan/credit is repaid by the client.

Is a minimum amount that needs to be paid every month. It constitutes 3%, 5% or 10% of the remaining balance, i.e., amount of drawn credit (depending on the type of credit card and contractual provisions), increased by interest for the given billing period. The exact amount of the minimum monthly installment is specified on the statement of the Account to credit card as of the 25th day of the given month.

E-banking of Komerční banka.

The MojeKarta service allows you to create a custom design of your payment card and place your custom image or photo on the front side. More information is available on the product sheet of the MojeKarta service or at www.mojekarta.cz, where you can also try out a design for your card.

Money markets are part of debt markets, in that these markets are markets with credit and loans having an original maturity of up to one year, and markets with debt securities (bonds and bills).

A lien right to a real-estate ensuring receivables resulting from a contract concerning a mortgage loan.

A real-estate owner, who agreed to the fact that his/her real-estate is to be used for securing a loan/credit, i.e. concluded a mortgage contract to the real-estate.

This service is intended for payment cards acceptors who offer their goods and service also in a foreign currency. Thanks to Multicurrency it is possible to credit transactions to client’s foreign currency accounts in the following currencies:

  • EUR
  • USD
  • GBP
  • RUB