Annually, annual interest.

Participation certificate is a security that gives the unit holder the right to a corresponding share of the assets in the mutual fund and the right to share in the return on this asset.

Is a means of payment used to realize cashless payment transactions. Payment cards may be "plastic" or non-physical, e.g., virtual payment cards, a combination of a payment application and a mobile phone SIM card. All plastic payment cards are provided with a magnetic stripe, chip and possibly a contactless chip.
The payment card can be used to pay for goods or services in shops or to make on-line payments, both in the Czech Republic and abroad, to withdraw cash from ATMs, bank branches or exchange offices or at points of sale using the Cash back service when using the card.
The payment card also offers other services, such as discount programs or travel insurance to payment cards.
There are several types of payment cards, such as credit cards, debit cards, electronic cards, embossed cards.

The payment card is blocked if an incorrect PIN is entered 5 times in a row. The card is unblocked always on Sunday at midnight or on the basis of a request submitted at a KB branch or via the Express line. PIN unblocking is free of charge.

Regular statement of transactions by the payment card. You can set the periodicity (weekly, monthly, etc.) according to your needs. This periodicity and method of the statement distribution is always the same as for current account in electronic or printed from.

Stoplisting is a process during which a card is entered to the Stoplist, namely due to loss, theft, fraud or suspected fraudulent use of the payment card. Stoplist is a list of cards that cannot be used for any transaction. After a card is entered into the Stoplist it can no longer be used and no transactions can be made.

KB payment cards are issued with a validity of 3 years. The card validity is shown on the front side in the MM/YY (month/year) format. The card can be used until the last day of the month and year of its expiration. After the validity expires, the card is invalid and cannot be used. A new card with renewed validity may be issued within automatic card renewal.

A service allowing merchants offering goods/services to accept on-line payments by cards based on the 3D Secure standard.

A payment terminal is an electronic device (referred to as EFT POS terminal, i.e., Electronic Funds Transfer at Point-Of-Sale) used for electronic realization of payments made by payment cards.

The theory of financial markets is based on the assumption of perfect financial markets. In this abstract world the following assumptions apply: no taxes, no credit risk, no callable securities, no transaction costs, unlimited short selling is possible.

In reality markets are not perfect. Despite this, the notion of perfect markets is a good starting point when studying financial markets.

A permanent debenture pays the coupons for an unlimited period of time and its price equals the sum total of the present values of discounted debentures by way of yield until the due date.

PIN is a personal identification number used to identify the cardholder and to check her/his authorization to make transactions with the card.

KB payment cards can be used to pay at merchants equipped with a payment terminal or an imprinter. The card payment is simple and fast and thanks to the overview of transactions in internet or mobile banking you have complete control of your finances. You may be asked to confirm the card payment by entering the PIN or providing a signature. Contactless transactions up to 500 CZK are done by touching the terminal with the card; payments exceeding 500 CZK always require a PIN.

A pool is a term used to designate a joint fund of cash funds not differentiated in any way.

The portfolio mean yield, or also the expected portfolio yield is a weighted average of expected yields of the individual component parts of the portfolio.

A payment card providing a wide range of exclusive and supplementary services, such as travel insurance for the whole family, assistance service for motorists, entry to airport lounges, etc. These are the top products of banks, such as Gold Card, Platinum, etc.

One of the main indicators of loan markets in important financial centres is the reference interest rate, for which banks are willing to purchase (to borrow) deposits.

For the Prague financial centre this rate is called PRIBID (Prague Interbank Bid Rate). They are determined from quotations of the reference bank in the market of interbank deposits including the algorithm for determining PRIBID and PRIBOR.

One of the main indicators of loan markets in important financial centres is the reference interest rate, for which banks are willing to sell (to lend) deposits.

For the Prague financial centre this rate is called PRIBOR (Prague Interbank Offered Rate). They are determined from quotations of the reference bank in the market of interbank deposits including the algorithm for determining PRIBID and PRIBOR.

The price/earning ratio (P/E) expresses the proportion of the market price of a share and of yield per share. It expresses how much investors are willing to pay for the yields at the respective public limited company.

The primary market deals with the issues of new securities and their repayment. The creation of a new receivable means a transfer of cash from the investor to the borrower. A receivable is liquidated in such a way that the debtor repays cash (interest, principal) to the investor.

This is not a secondary market, because in this special market the issuer offers something that does not yet exist and that arises only on condition that the issued security finds its first acquirer.

Thus the issuer fully controls the operations in the primary market. When issuing a security, the issuer can often also influence who can or on the contrary cannot become its first acquirer.

Corresponds to the amount of the loan granted by a bank excluding interest.

The largest independent program offering entries to over 700 airport lounges all over the world. It is a supplementary service offered for the most prestigious cards of KB. For more information visit www.proritypass.com.

Profit yield is calculated as a share in the profit after taxation and market capitalisation of the enterprise. Applicability of the profit yield is limited in the same way as it is with the dividend yield.

Two companies may differ in the dates of their financial statements and the profits may relate to different periods.

What is often published is the reciprocal value of profit yield designated as a P/E ratio, i.e. a ratio of momentary market price of a share of the enterprise to the profit of the enterprise one share.

A document, based on which the real-estate cadastre carries out the registration in the letter of ownership, e.g. records a transfer of an ownership right or a registration of a lien right for a real-estate resulting from a loan/credit.

The right to sell, to supply a share – the option is a security, which expresses the right of its holder to implement or not to implement a transaction at a certain date. Thus in the case of a put option it means to sell or to supply somebody with a share.

The counterparty is obliged to implement the transaction if so desired by the other party.

Prague Stock Exchange publishes 22 indices. The key index is the PX 50. It is determined by way of a standard calculation in agreement with the methodology of IFC (International Finance Corporation).

The index measures the change in the market value of the representative portfolio of stock included into the base of the index.

Each issue is due the weight proportionate to its market capitalisation. The base of the PX-50 index is composed of 50 issues. The base of the index does not include the issues of investment funds, because their rates reflect the price movements of basic issues.

The issues included into the base of the index account for almost 88% of the volume of transactions with shares (if we do not include investment funds).