At KB, we care

We care about the environment we live in. Therefore, we are constantly implementing measures to reduce our operational impact on the environment - for example, we conserve energy, reduce waste, and monitor shipping costs.

Enough with plastics

Because plastics and their consumption is a hot topic in our country, we became a member of the „Dost bylo plastu“ initiative, which was initiated by the Ministry of the Environment. Last autumn, we canceled the possibility of ordering water in PET bottles, and disposable plastic dishes. Every year we save our planet from more than 70,000 PET bottles and 100,000 plastic cups. At the same time, we have equipped our kitchenettes with soda makers and more dishes.

We started with beekeeping

We have moved the environmentally friendly approach a bit further - we have installed 10 bee hives on the roof of the KB office building in Stodůlky. Beekeeping has been in the monastic gardens or outskirts of cities since a very long time ago. Bees have ideal conditions here - there is a rich species composition of plants, mild climate and almost no chemicals. Honey produced on the outskirts of towns is, according to beekeepers, better than rural, which is confirmed by regular laboratory tests.

Reducing energy consumption

BREEM and LEED energy certificates
Our two office buildings in Prague 5 - Stodůlky have obtained these certificates, which confirm their energy efficiency in a complex way. Thus, the way it participates in greenhouse gas emissions, their impact on pollution, how they handle waste, land management, etc.

Administrativní budova KB ve Stodůlkách oceněná certifikátem LEED Gold a BREEM

LED lighting
We have installed LED lighting in some branches, thanks to which we save approximately CZK 800,000 a year.

We run on electricity
We have expanded our fleet with seven electric vehicles, contributing to a further reduction in CO2 emissions. Currently, we have a 2% year-on-year savings.

We drive with respect for the future in Nissan Leaf electric vehicles

Waste management

We sort waste, recycle toners and old mobile phones. Each of our affiliates has their own sorting system that suits them best. We also think about health and safety at work.

Ukliďme Česko (Let's clean up Czechia)
We have been supporting the “Let's Clean the World, Let's Clean the Czech Republic” volunteer event as a main partner for several years. We also allow our employees to join the cleaning in selected locations. For example, 250 of our employees cleaned garbage in more than 20 locations throughout the Czech Republic last year.

Relations with suppliers

We base our relationships with suppliers on legitimate, effective, fair and honest behavior. In addition to meeting contractual obligations, we expect our business partners to comply with all legal and ethical rules, including environmental protection and the fight against corruption. We establish business relationships only with those who have a good reputation, who only engage in legal activities in their business and whose resources come from legitimate sources.