For 20 years, the Jistota Foundation has supported projects from the area of social and health services, with a focus on seniors and children. Thus, in the year 2015, the Foundation supported a total of 107 projects, mainly thanks to financial contributions from Komerční banka and its subsidiaries and affiliated companies, but also thanks to the initiative of the employees, who not only contribute financial donations, but also form the Foundation's administrative and supervisory boards. The total value of the donations approved by the Foundation in the year 2015 exceeded 9,400,000 CZK.

The Foundation continued to support hospice facilities and organizations whose activity focuses on the activation of children and adults with a physical or social handicap. Disabled athletes received a sum of 680,000 CZK thanks to the Foundation's support of the Czech Wheelchair Rugby UnionWheelchair Athletics and Sport Without Prejudice.

The Foundation also provided 576,972 CZK for the maintenance of baby boxes for abandoned newborns.

NOver the following three years, the Jistota Foundation has undertaken to provide a sum of 2,300,000 CZK to the House of Three Wishes association to help children in crisis, and over 750,000 CZK to the NAUTIS association, which is dedicated to persons with autism.

The Foundation has also decided to maintain the current trends in the sphere of hospice care, and has supported the project of the newly-established Palliative Care Centre with a sum of 250,000 CZK. The Foundation also concluded a similar project with The Way Home, domestic hospice, to which it pledged a sum of 360,000 CZK for a period of two years.

In the field of non-financial support, the Foundation realized the first two runs of Financial Literacy for low-threshold clubs, and funded important research in the area of integration of young people from orphanages, realized by theAway From Home association together with the Summer House organization.

For the third year in a row, the Affairs of the Heart project has provided support to employees of the KB group in their volunteer activities. Support was provided to 10 projects in all, amounting to a total of almost 900,000 CZK.

The traditional golf tournament organized by the Foundation raised a sum of 212,000 CZK, which the Foundation increased to 400,000 CZK and subsequently divided among the Summer House organization, which helps young people leaving orphanages, and the Wheelchair Athletics Association.