Assisting and promoting activities in areas of civil society, health-social character, education, integration and inclusion of individuals in society

Activities of the “Nadace Jistota” foundation rely on the following five pillars:

  • Early care and assistance to pre-schoolers
  • Socially-handicapped adolescents
  • Disabled adults
  • Promoting wellbeing of seniors
  • Hospice and palliative care

For more than twenty years, we have been committed to improving the quality of life for people with different handicaps. We contribute to various projects of non-profit organisations that assist people at all stages of life in overcoming their health or social disadvantages.

Furthermore, we make other than financial contributions, such as education and awareness. We regularly organize a Week with Foundation intended for employees of Komerční banka and a financial literacy training for low-threshold club workers. 

The main donors of the “Nadace Jistota” foundation are Komerční banka and its subsidiaries and affiliates. However, individual donors – including employees of KB Group and others who make regular contributions – are very important for us as well. In addition to regular donations, our employees support our activities by participating in a golf tournament or by buying breakfasts, calendars or photographs. We truly appreciate any support!

The “Nadace Jistota” foundation allocates its financial funds to five basic funds, through which it supports selected projects in line with the foundation’s strategy.

Foundation of Komerční banka a.s. - Jistota
Václavské náměstí 796/42, 114 07 Praha 1

Jistota Foundation Account Number: 2970297/0100

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