KB’s strategic vision for human resources is forging long-term partnerships with its employees. A precondition is professional relationships based on confidence, respect, communication with each other, and equal opportunities. We are aware that work is not everything, and therefore make sure that our colleagues are satisfied and eager to learn new things.

We place corporate culture at the very heart of our business. KB subscribes to values such as team spirit, innovation, commitment, and responsibility that are also reflected in all our processes, in particular recruitment, assessment, compensation, and education.


KB’s fundamental values

  • Team spirit
  • Innovation
  • Commitment
  • Responsibility

Equal opportunities and diversity

We apply the non-discriminatory principle in recruitment. The decisive aspect for us is that the expectations concerning the job position and the job description are in line with each individual candidate’s knowledge, competence, and expectations.

We consider the diversity of our employees to be an important positive value that helps their performance. Team diversity enriches its members and also results in their better performance together.

Gender diversity The basis of our effort for a more balanced representation of men and women in managerial positions is employee enlightenment and education. We promote female employees’ development by sharing positive examples and experience through mentoring and networking. Available surveys show that the remuneration of men and women in the Czech Republic is up to 22% different in favor of men. At KB, we support the principle of "equal pay for the same work and the same performance", which is why we analyzed our situation and committed ourselves to reach a 0% gander pay gap in 2025 from the current gap 4.2%.

Employees on maternity and parental leave During their maternal or parental leave, we keep in touch with the colleagues through their participation in networking events and, in case of interest on both sides, cooperation. Our major objectives include facilitating employees’ return to work after their maternity or parental leave: we offer a shorter working time, working from home, and flexible working hours.

Disabled people - It is natural for us to employ people with disabilities. We have 150 colleagues with a disability or disadvantage. We seek to accommodate them as much as possible by adjusting their working environment and/or time and through more advantageous employee benefits. We also support disabled people’s employment by sourcing products and services from social businesses and sheltered workshops.

Working environment and care for employees

We reach out to the employees who have found themselves in a difficult situation in life. We assess and address each of the situations strictly on a case-by-case basis (for example, through flexible working hours, financial support, etc.).

Work-life balance We make it possible to work for a shorter time or from home, allow flexible working hours and unpaid leave, etc.

My Vitality is a voluntary programme to maintain a high level of KB employees’ ability to work through care for their physical and mental health. Its key features include prevention and enlightenment; compensation for sedentary employment, work with computers and mental strain; sound nutrition; and work-life balance.

Employee education and development

We offer a broad range of educational activities and programmes to KB and KB Group employees. We devote great attention to the development of front line employees who are directly in contact with clients in the branch network and also that of high-potential managers and employees – participants in the Strategic Talent Management scheme. We also promote employees’ skills in the international environment in cooperation with our parent company, Société Générale.

We strongly emphasise the principle of the employees’ own responsibility for their development, also supported by a new educational application accessible to them online.

The 70-20-10 model

  • 10% of your knowledge comes from formal learning events
  • 20% comes from co-workers and mentors
  • 70% of your knowledge and skills come from job-related experiences

Remuneration and employee benefits

Remuneration at KB relies on the internal justice principle, which ensures that the same remuneration is given for the same work and the same performance under the same transparent circumstances. The bank follows the external competitiveness principle through regular market research. The risk considerations principle guarantees that remuneration is maintained in line with sound and effective risk management. Remuneration principles supports the sustainable development e.g. through linking variable remuneration to objectives related to this area.

Equal pay is a basic pillar of KB's diversity strategy. Our goal is a zero pay gap between men and women in 2025, which we want to achieve across employee groups. For the managerial population we reach the target from the current value of 4,9% and for the employees from the current 4,1%.

The purpose of offering employee benefits and advantages is to give the employees choice and to promote their identification with the Komerční banka Group through preffered conditions for products and services.


We are actively interested in our employees’ satisfaction. Every two years, we organise an Employee Barometer: via an online questionnaire we give our employees an opportunity to voice their opinions and become involved in development and innovation at KB.

A new feature is KuBa, an intelligent chatbot that helps to induce newcomers into the new environment and gauges their satisfaction in the integration process.

Talent recruitment

We keep our tradition of helping tertiary education through sponsorship and expert support for state-run higher education institutions and universities across the Czech Republic. Our most lively cooperation is with the University of Economics in Prague, Masaryk University in Brno, and the Czech Technical University in Prague (ČVUT). With ČVUT’s IT Faculty we support research, and also the development of new ideas in digitalisation and innovation, the outcomes significantly contributing to Komerční banks’s Innovation Lab. We also meet with university students on the occasion of job fairs, open days, workshops, and special events on specific economic issues.

Approximately 100 students of secondary schools and universities are gaining some practical experience at the head office and in the branch network as interns.