Our strategy is based on forging long-term and mutually beneficial partnerships with clients. Such partnerships help us to know their needs and expectations more thoroughly and respond to them on an ongoing basis, thereby continuously enhancing our clients’ satisfaction. Client satisfaction is the basis of the model for our employees’ conduct, one of the key pillars of Komerční banka’s fundamental values and its top priority. We regard client satisfaction as a firm basis for sustainable growth.

We seek to create strong partnerships with our clients at all times, based on a professional approach and superior services; this is one of the reasons why we have introduced our own Quality Guarantee programme and approved the Code of the Czech Banking Association and the Code of Mobility, which specify in detail the relationship of the bank’s employees to clients, and we follow them consistently.

We were the first bank in the Czech Republic to appoint, as early as 2004, an independent ombudsman to enhance the quality of our services. The ombudsman’s decisions are not legally binding but we have pledged to respect them nonetheless.

We are aware that clients’ confidence is our most valuable asset. We openly inform about everything and for each of our services provide transparent information about its content, benefits, and price. We distribute information about any changes well in advance at all times.

We want to be a bank that genuinely lives its clients and have therefore introduced the Customer’s Voice. We really want to hear the voice of each and every client; not in terms of intonation but in terms of their acquired experience, through a short e-mailed questionnaire.

Quality of products and services

We guarantee the high quality of our services; when dissatisfied, the client does not have to pay for the service. Clients have an opportunity to try out the most common services free of charge on a non-committal basis. In the case of changes in the price list or the conditions of the service (at all times in compliance with the relevant laws and regulations), clients are given time enough to try out everything and they can request the refund of the fees and charges when dissatisfied. Should we fail to meet their expectations we seek to find a solution and offer a product or service that the client finds convenient.

We respect the individual needs of each and every client and all our clients have access to their personal relationship manager. Our branches are staffed with broad-ranging teams of specialists and we also have customer call centres working on a 24/7 basis. In a number of branches, we are also able to provide convenient services to clients with impaired hearing thanks to the eScribe service.

We regard all complaints and claims as opportunities to improve the client’s experience, although this is not feasible at all times, naturally. We always try to understand and empathise with the client, request information and documents for each case and assess it on its merits. Whenever feasible, we reach out to our customers, seeking to renew their confidence and turning dissatisfied clients into satisfied clients again.

We have added a tool designed for protection against specific threats such as phishing and malware and for countering attempts at key logging. We recommend our clients to install Trusteer Rapport in their computers; this tool significantly reduces the risks inherent in internet use and protects against login data abuse.

Schéma Trusteer

As early as 2016, we implemented a system helping to detect fraudulent transactions submitted via online banking, and we continue to invest in this system significantly. The system helps us to detect more than 50 fraudulent payments totalling over CZK 28 million every year.

We apply meticulous care to the protection of the personal data concerning our clients, employees, and trade partners fully in compliance with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR.

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