We are not indifferent at KB

We are interested in the environment in which we are living. We are therefore continuously introducing measures that reduce our operations’ impacts on the environment; for example, we are mindful of energy savings, reduce the quantity of our waste, and watch our transport costs.

Enough of plastics

Since plastics and their consumption are a hot issue for us, we have joined the Enough of Plastics initiative declared by the Ministry of the Environment. As early as 2018, we discontinued the purchase of water in PET bottles, plastic cups or disposable dishes in our internal procurement system. Thus, we spare our planet more than 70,000 PET bottles and 100,000 plastic cups every year. We have also equipped our kitchenettes with soda bars and additional cutlery and crockery.

We have delved into beekeeping

We have gone even farther in our considerate approach to the environment: We have installed ten beehives on the roof of KB’s office building in Stodůlky. Bees have been kept in peripheral parts of towns and cities and in monastery/convent gardens since time immemorial, and beekeeping in urban areas is nothing new. The reason is that urban areas offer a diversified mix of flowers and trees; they have a more moderate climate and, most importantly, chemicals are not used there almost at all. Honey produced in peripheral urban areas has, beekeeping experts say, a higher quality than honey from rural areas, which is also confirmed by regular laboratory tests.

Reducing energy consumption

BREEM and LEED energy certificates
Our two office buildings in Praha 5 – Stodůlky have obtained these certificates, which confirm their low energy consumption from a comprehensive perspective: their contribution to greenhouse gas emissions, their impact on pollution, their waste disposal, their land management, etc.

KB’s LEED Gold and BREEM certified office buildings in Stodůlky

LED lighting
In some of our branches we have installed LED lighting thanks to which we save approximately CZK 800,000 every year.

Driving on electricity
We have enlarged our vehicle fleet by seven electric vehicles, thereby contributing to CO2 emission reductions. We have currently recorded a year-on-year saving of 2%.

We drive Nissan Leaf electric vehicles, respecting the future

Waste management

We sort waste, and recycle toners and old mobile phones. Each of our branches has its own waste sorting system that suits it best. We are also mindful of occupational health and safety.

Clean Up Czechia
In our role of the Main Partner we have been supporting the Clean Up the World, Clean Up Czechia volunteering event for several years. We also make it possible for our employees to join the cleaning drive in certain localities. For example, 250 of our employees collected waste at more than 20 places across the country last year.

Relationships with suppliers

Our supplier relationships are based on lawful, effective, fair, and honest conduct. We also expect our trade partners to follow all statutory and ethical rules, including environmental protection and fight against corruption, in addition to honouring their contractual obligations. We only establish commercial relationships with suppliers who have a good reputation, who apply solely lawful practices in their business, and whose funds come from legitimate sources.