Open Bank

Your guide through the world of finance and innovation in the digitalisation era

Why Open Bank?

The Open Bank initiative has emerged at Komerční banka. Its objective is to improve people’s information on finance and banking and to help them in various situations. The initiative offers issues for debate to all who are interested, regardless of their age or whether or not they are our clients. Open Bank is open for all.

How does Open Bank help?

Open Bank currently focuses on four lines of activity.

  • We want to provide the public with descriptions of the digitalisation of banking and new banking services, such as online and mobile banking.
  • We provide basic information about the way and tools to enter the online world for the people who are only learning about modern technology.
  • Active use of modern technology requires responsible behaviour, and we therefore offer information on how to use it securely.
  • In cooperation with the Financial Distress Advisory Centre, Open Bank pays attention to the steps you should take if you feel that you are getting into financial distress.

When and where you can meet us

We would like to meet with you at KB’s branches throughout the country but the circumstances of the last few weeks are preventing us from this. We have therefore launched Open Bank for you on our website for the time being. You have a choice of several issues that we have detailed for you to help you as much as possible in this difficult situation. Just sit down and see the short videos that will take you through the issue. We will continue to expand the content on an ongoing basis.

We hope to be able to carry out our original plan, i.e. introduce you to Open Bank directly at KB’s branches besides its website, as soon as possible and you will then be able to discuss topics of your interest directly with our specialists. We will inform you about new developments in due time.