We care about the environment

We mitigate the impact of our activities on the environment

We want to be carbon neutral by 2026

We are not afraid of challenges. That is why we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint so that Komerční banka can declare itself carbon neutral in 2026. When measuring our carbon footprint for 2019, we found that our emissions per client were 21.3 kg CO2e. In 2021, the company reduced its carbon footprint significantly. Compared with the base year, we have reduced the emissions by 32.5% overall and emissions per client were 14.7 kg CO2e. In 2021, we also bought 10% of total electricity demand conclusively from renewable energy sources. Measuring our carbon footprint is an important part of being a responsible company.

In the attached documents you will find the company's climate change policy and our commitments, which we will implement over time.

Carbon Footprint Management Standard V1 Certificate (663 kB, PDF)
Carbon Footprint Management Plan 2022 (1.2 MB, PDF)
Carbon Footprint Management - Scope List (62 kB, PDF)
Process map KB (49 kB, PDF)
Corporate Climate Change Policy (Czech Version only, 906 kB, PDF)


For several years, we have been the main partner of the Clean Up Czechia volunteer event. Our employees thus voluntarily join the cleaning in selected locations. At the same time, they also help in other areas, often in cooperation with the Jistota Foundation on social projects. Employees also donate blood every year.