Clients come first

We value feedback and pay attention to the safety and availability of our products


We take all complaints and claims as an opportunity to improve the client's experience, although of course this is not always possible. We accommodate our customers as much as possible. We try to restore their trust and make the dissatisfied ones satisfied again. Most of the negative client feedback received through the NPS is dealt with on an individual basis by bank advisors at branches and the Contact Centre, usually within 48 hours of receipt. Situations and suggestions that require broader contextual knowledge on the part of the bank or possible procedural changes are passed on via the functional system to colleagues in the bank dealing with the issue. Based on our work with these suggestions, we then adjust, improve and innovate our products and services to meet the needs of our clients and keep them up-to-date.

If you have any suggestions for improvement or if you want to let us know that you are satisfied or even dissatisfied with our services, you can write to us here.


Client data security

We are continuously investing in the security of our clients' data and further developing our system for detecting suspicious payments.

Trusteer Rapport

Client security in the online world has long been supported by Trusteer Rapport. Trusteer Rapport is a tool developed to protect against specific threats such as phishing, malware, and keyloggers. By the end of January 2021, Trusteer Rapport had more than 275,000 clients installed and 2,359 potential frauds have been prevented since its launch.


Our MySignature service shows that we can combine security with responsiveness and simplicity - it saves clients time and money and allows them to securely sign documents electronically, quickly, remotely and without printing documents.

Detection of suspicious payments

We continue to develop our system for detecting suspicious payments. The payment fraud prevention team intercepted payments totalling almost CZK 45 million in 2020.

The safest bank in Central and Eastern Europe

Proof of our emphasis on the stability and security of a sustainable business is the fact that Komerční banka was awarded the "Safest Bank in Central and Eastern Europe" award by the American Global Finance magazine. The rating by this renowned financial periodical is based on the long-term indicators of the Moody's, Standard & Poor's and Fitch rating agencies. In addition to our regional European success, we also won first place in the Czech Republic, which simply confirms that the path we are taking is the right one.

The best bank in the Czech Republic

A survey by the Lafferty 1000 global banking database, which evaluates banks based on their quality and sustainability, awarded Komerční banka as the best bank in the Czech Republic and also included it in the exclusive club of the 100 best banking institutions in the world. The quality assessment is based on the annual reports - using 21 indicators, it focuses on financial performance, client and employee relations, environmental approach or shareholder benefits, for example

Availability of services for disadvantaged clients

We are committed in the long-term to making our products and services user-friendly in many ways. One of these is the requirement that they be accessible and usable by all client groups, including those with disabilities. At present 168 out of a total of 243 branches operate in barrier-free mode and of the current 810 ATMs, 734 are accessible for the physically disabled.

Clients with hearing impairment have the option to use the Transcript service, thanks to which the conversation between the client and the bank advisor is transcribed live on the monitor screen. Deaf clients can thereby communicate with their advisor comfortably and independently.

Another example of a product that we are trying to improve, to make it as easy as possible for clients with disabilities to use, is the Mobile Bank app. It already allows you to run Google TalkBack, a screen reader that provides voice feedback so that blind clients can easily navigate the app.