Bor u Tachova wind farm

Two wind power plants near Tachov will meet a smaller town’s annual demand

Anyone who travels by car on the D5 Motorway towards Germany can see a model example of obtaining clean energy. Two wind turbines, made by the renowned Danish company Vestas Wind Systems, have been in operation near Bor u Tachova since the autumn of last year. The wind power plants really cannot be overlooked. The diameter of the rotor is 110 m, which is slightly more than the length of the football field.

“Within six months since it was commissioned the wind farm has produced enough energy for almost 2,500 households for the whole year. Over a full year, the two turbines can meet the annual electricity demand of an entire smaller town. With the construction of wind power plants we have again moved a bit towards independence of fossil fuels and a cleaner future,” said Radek Mareš from MICRONIX GROUP SE.

Each of the tubes is 95 m tall and generators are installed on their tops; each of them has an installed capacity of 2.26 MW. The construction itself required kilometres of new roads, hundreds of square metres of crane areas, and modifications of local roads. Following that, several oversized conveyors transported, during night-time, the components needed to assemble the turbines. With the help of crane systems, both turbines literally grew up in front of us.

We provided a loan of CZK 125 million for the construction of the new wind park near the western border of the Czech Republic. “Our philosophy is clearly directed towards promoting renewables and sustainable business. For example, we are phasing out the financing of activities related to fossil fuel extraction and firing. We hope that the number of green projects, such as the wind turbines near Bor in the Tachov area, will increase rapidly,” added Josef Rajniš, our corporate client manager.

Civic parks from Portiva

Wind power plants can be co-owned by people living in the area

Would you like to be a co-owner of a power plant? Actually a wind power plant that is truly environmentally friendly and, moreover, is the largest of its kind in the Czech Republic. There is one just like this in Vítězná near Dvůr Králové, running at an altitude of 560 metres and amazing with its impressive size: it is 175 metres tall and each turbine blade is 56 metres long. With its installed capacity of 3 MW, it produces more than 6,000 MWh per year, i.e. electricity for approximately 4,000 households. Moreover, it is co-owned by people from Vítězná and the surrounding area. It is one of the first community-owned wind power plants in the Czech Republic.

“We are probably the only ones in the Czech Republic to operate ‘community-owned wind parks’. We allow people living near our power plants to invest in them through acquiring small equity stakes. It is a trend that we are going to see more often in the foreseeable future,” says Pavel Svoreň, member of the Board of Directors and Executive Officer of Portiva Group.

The original idea came from Eldaco, a company that is now part of Portiva Group and constitutes its energy division. Several years ago, Eldaco was the first company to introduce projects that are common abroad. It built the first community-owned wind power plant in Rozstání near Vyškov, allowing people to invest and grow their money in it. Since the scheme has proved to be successful and the company has paid out dividends as promised, the interest in subscribing for shares in Vítězná was much higher. “I am convinced that if we came with another similar project it would be even more appealing to people. This is also why we have decided to offer another investment product for people interested in investing in renewable energy,” Pavel Svoreň explains.

Portiva currently owns and operates 14 wind and solar power plants with a total installed capacity of 30 MW: 17 MW coming from wind energy and 13 MW from photovoltaic systems. This places it on the top of RES owners and operators in the Czech Republic. It is a clear market leader in terms of wind energy. All Portiva’s plants produce nearly 60 GWh of electricity per year, covering approximately 55,000 households’ demand.

Komerční banka appreciates the client’s experience in the development and operation of renewable energy sources, which are in line in the bank’s strategy of supporting green projects. “Portiva is our major client. It has successfully developed and continues to operate a portfolio of solar and wind power plants. This makes Portiva a major partner of our Energy Finance team. With the expansion of the operations of the client and the client’s group beyond energy we have been able to extend our cooperation. In terms of the top management team, I appreciate their professionalism, expertise, and long-term vision of the entire group’s direction. I look forward to upcoming projects on which we can work together in the future,” said Pavel Beran, Head of Energy Finance in Komerční banka.

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