Komerční banka is the first in the Czech Republic to launch now an Amazon Alexa virtual assistant application. This service is available for all Alexa-enabled devices ranging from smart phones to virtual home assistants. Now, you can ask Alexa in English about the nearest KB ATM or the current EUR/USD rate in KB’s exchange rate list. The scope of information will be extended and communication in Czech added in the near future.

“This is the first but fundamental step that will make it possible for Komerční banka’s clients to make, in the completely natural form of a conversation, the most common operations related to personal finance and the bank as part of normal voice conversation with the Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri or Google Assistant artificial intelligence apps. For example, clients can ask about the balance in their account, send pocket money to their children, pay for a lunch with a colleague, or find the performance of their investment portfolio. We believe that digital conversation banking with artificial intelligence is the future that will soon take control over everyday banking operations completely and become an entirely natural part of our lives,” said David Barczi, manager of Digital Channels at KB.

In the first wave, Amazon Alexa is supported, and the other two main platforms – Apple Siri and Google Assistant – are in the pipeline.

In English-speaking countries, thousands of skills are accessible in these platforms and these services are a completely normal and everyday part of clients’ lives. In banking, Komerční banka is the leader in the Czech Republic and one of the first banks throughout Europe.

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