Brouček [Little Beetle] children's insurance policy has been on Komerční banka's and Komerční pojišťovna's offer for the smallest clients since the first holiday month. The policy offers an opportunity to take out a savings or protection option. Further, optional insurance that covers the policy holders and/or their children in the event of accidents or hospitalisation can be taken out with both options.

Brouček is intended for children up to 14 years of age. The protection option provides for the child financially in the case of an unexpected event such as full disablement or death of the adult who has taken out the policy. In both cases, the insurer assumes the obligation to pay the premiums for the adult while guaranteeing that at the end of the term of the policy only the child receives the benefit.

The savings option of the policy is intended for parents or grandparents who are seeking a savings product to help them provide the child with a certain financial amount when the child reaches adulthood. How high the amount will be depends on the investment strategy selected by the policy holders, who have a choice of five investment funds offered by Investiční kapitálová společnost KB, including the Guaranteed Return Fund that provides guaranteed return.

Optional insurance covering accidents and hospitalisation (valid in the Czech Republic and other EU countries) can be taken out for the child as well as the adult together with the main policy. In the case of the protection option, the client will also receive free assistance services (payment of babysitting costs of up to CZK 5,000 per year upon hospitalisation, including birth, an assistance line providing domestic and legal services, and an information health line).

"Children's life assurance of an investment nature is a product suitable for regular savings as well as for one-off investments. This type of product has become increasingly popular in the past few years, which is attributable to the need felt by parents to provide for their children upon their entry into life, for example, save money for children's studies," says Radko Belada, head of retail banking at Komerční banka.

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