The EU Point Index, compiled on a regular basis by KB EU Point to monitor the activity on the Czech subsidy market, was very much above the average in September, mainly thanks to open calls for research centres and also approved subsidies for water management infrastructure.

The EU Point Index in September: 164 points​

In September, the activity of the players in the subsidy market was very much above the average. The main driver of the value of the Index was the acceptance of applications in three areas under Operational Programme Research and Development for Innovation. Applications could be filed for Regional and European Centres of Excellence and for Infrastructure, which concerns instruction at higher education institutions connected with research (for example, laboratories, offices and new furnishings, including IT, modernisation of libraries, etc.). An exceptional CZK 38 billion was available for the applicants under this programme, which accounts for about 70% of the allocation under this Operational Programme for the period from 2007 to 2014.

Managing authorities also continued in allocating subsidies. Under the Environment Operational Programme alone, September saw approval of subsidies totalling CZK 5.5 billion. They included subsidies for sewage networks and wastewater treatment plants for agglomerations with a population equivalent of over 2,000. For example, subsidies were also granted under the North-West Regional Operational Programme, where 78 projects won a total of CZK 1.8 billion.

Long-term averages

KB EU Point has been monitoring the activity in the subsidy market since as early as May 2008. Since February 2009, it has been publishing the EU Point Index on a regular basis; the Index compares the latest values of each of the indicators against their long-term averages. Average values of input indicators since the start of this monitoring are as follows:

Indicator Monthly
Number of open calls 47 calls
Allocation to open calls CZK 45.2 billion
Number of filed applications 1,424 applications
Value of filed applications CZK 31.4 billion
Number of approved projects 620 projects
Value of approved projects CZK 10.4 billion
Number of KB EU Point consultations 160 consultations


Every month, 47 calls on average are available to applicants, under which they can apply for about CZK 45 billion. Every month, municipalities and firms file approximately 1,500 applications for support, amounting to more than CZK 30 billion. Every month, managing authorities approve more than 600 projects, distributing more than CZK 10 billion among them.

Komerční banka provides 160 consultations on average to its clients every month, both via personal visits of KB EU Point specialists and relationship managers and information provided over the telephone at 800 900 930.

Earlier values of the EU Point Index

Until now, the KB EU Point Index has always been higher than 100, which means that activity in the subsidy market is continuously growing. More and more calls are being launched, and also the volume of subsidies made available to applicants is greater every month. The high value of the EU Point Index in April 2009 was attributable to the launch of the Development and Innovation-Project schemes under Operational Programme Enterprise and Innovation, which caused a significant growth in consultations for KB clients. Moreover, the Ministry of the Environment approved almost 1,000 applications for subsidies to mud removal and revitalisation of fish ponds, reservoirs and small streams, and also to scrap yards and reclamation of disposal sites.

KB EU Point provides KB's clients with assistance in the implementation of subsidised projects. Relationship managers will search, free of charge, for subsidy schemes appropriate for each specific project and the bank's EU Point regional specialists will provide detailed consultations. Specialised companies with proven experience and expertise then prepare applications for subsidies and take care of complete project administration. The selection of a particular company is left up to the client at all times. The bankers also recommend the optimum project financing, compliant with the subsidy conditions. More information can be obtained from a relationship manager or at

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