At their General Meeting today, shareholders of Komerční banka voted in favour of the proposal of the bank's Board of Directors to pay out dividends of CZK 180 per share.

The proposed dividends total CZK 6,841,773,360 million. Komerční banka's Board of Directors had proposed to pay out dividends on the basis of the bank's good performance in 2008 and its strong capital position.

Dividend per share amounts to CZK 180 before tax. Shareholders who hold the shares of Komerční banka, a.s., ISIN CZ0008019106, as at 29 May 2009 are entitled to dividends. Dividends shall become due and payable as of 29 June 2009.

The shareholders have also decided on the limits applicable to the acquisition of the bank's own ordinary shares by Komerční banka: the largest number of shares that the bank may hold at any given moment is 3,800,985 ordinary shares and the share acquisition price must be at least CZK 1,000 per share, but may not exceed CZK 3,500 per share.

The General Meeting has re-elected Supervisory Board members for a new four-year term of office.

The shareholders have also approved the Board of Directors' proposal for changes to the bank's Articles of Association. The most important change is the setting up of an audit committee as an independent body of the bank in compliance with the new requirement of the law on auditors. The General Meeting has also elected the members of this audit committee.