It is with deep regrets that Komerční banka receives the news about the demise of Professor Vojtěch Cepl, the first-ever Komerční banka Ombudsman. The Board of Directors, management and employees of Komerční banka want to express their grief at the loss of a colleague who, although not the bank's employee, has considerably contributed to the development of the quality of Komerční banka's services for its broad customer base.

Professor Vojtěch Cepl became a recognised legal, moral and professional authority for independent reviews of the disputes that may arise in the provision of everyday banking services. Since 2004, when he became the first-ever ombudsman appointed by a private bank in the Czech Republic, Professor Vojtěch Cepl has helped Komerční banka's clients to resolve a number of contentious issues, for the tackling of which the standard directives and tables do no suffice and that call for expertise, sense of justice, and deep-rooted legal and ethical awareness.