An armed hold-up of Komerční banka's branch at Praha 4, Novodvorská, took place today, unfortunately.

The perpetrator held the bank's some employees as hostages and demanded ransom of millions of crowns. Thanks to the Police's professional action, the perpetrator was neutralised and none of the bank's employees or clients suffered any injury. The employees are in order. However, they have, quite understandably, suffered a mental shock. In extreme situations such as this, saving human life and health is the top priority for us. We are really glad that this incident has not resulted in any unfortunate consequences.

We greatly appreciate the approach of all the persons involved. We would like to thank the Police of the Czech Republic for their highly professional action. We would like to express our support and acknowledgement to our colleagues and their families. The bank will provide above-standard care to these employees. A paid leave and a psychologist's services are a matter of course.

The bank's security policy has been put in place for the long term. We continuously assess and tighten our security policy, and significantly reduce the amount of cash at branches. For security reasons, we do not disclose any specific information about our security rules.

The KB branch at Praha 4, Novodvorská will also be closed tomorrow. Clients can use the services of other KB branches - for example Praha 4, Nuselská; Praha 4, Budějovická; Praha 4 Modřany.