The rate of growth of the EU Point Index, compiled on a regular basis by KB EU Point to monitor the activity on the Czech subsidy market, increased in June, mainly thanks to the government's activity. Newly opened programmes and calls will be attractive primarily for small businesses and large industrial companies.

The EU Point Index in June: 127 points​

The EU Point Index in June: 127 points

In June, the activity of the players in the subsidy field increased again, this time significantly on the part of subsidy providers. The number of approved projects, mainly under the Integrated Operational Programme, was the main driver of the growth of the Index. In the area of support for ICT Implementation in Regional Public Administration (subsidies for the Czech Point contact points), June saw an additional almost 900 approved applications; further, almost 4,000 applications are pending in the approval process.

The increase in the value of the EU Point Index to 127 points is also attributable to the continuously rising numbers of open calls and the volume of the funds for which subsidy applicants can compete. The end of June was the final date for filing applications under the OP Environment for subsidies to flood risk mitigation measures, use of alternative energy sources, and energy savings.

The Innovation - Patent scheme was opened under the OP Enterprise and Innovation. Under this scheme, small business owners, research institutions, schools, and even private individuals can receive a subsidy to the filing of an application for the registration of an invention and obtaining industrial property protection in the form of patents, utility models and industrial designs, and trademarks. A call for universities, for the innovation of their curricula and staff training, under which a total of CZK 1.7 billion is available, was also opened.

In the period to come, there will be attractive calls under the OP Enterprise and Innovation - ICT in Companies; Training Centres; Prosperity; and, after a long time, Start calls will be opened. October will see the end of the receipt of applications under the EDUCA programme (professional training of industrial companies' employees), which companies should not overlook either. Because of the volume of funds, we will also keep an eye on the OP Research and Development for Innovation, under which an extraordinary CZK 28 billion will be made available in support of European and regional centres.

Komerční bank's services for subsidy applicants

KB EU Point provides KB's clients with assistance in the implementation of subsidised projects. Relationship managers will search, free of charge, for subsidy schemes appropriate for each specific project and the bank's EU Point regional specialists will provide detailed consultations. Specialised companies with proven experience and expertise then prepare applications for subsidies and take care of complete project administration. The selection of a particular company is left up to the client at all times. The bankers also recommend the optimum project financing, compliant with the subsidy conditions. More information can be obtained from a relationship manager or at

KB EU Point Index - calculation method

The EU Point Index aggregates data from the whole market into a single index that can be easily interpreted. For the public, it shows the general trend of developments in the key areas of the subsidy market in comparison with the long-term average. The value of the EU Point Index is adjusted with a view to the long-term average equalling 100. The current value represents the increase (or decrease) in the subsidy activity in comparison with the long-term average.

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