Komerční banka, together with Komerční pojišťovna, offers a new product, Zajištěný fond Forte [the Forte Guaranteed Fund] as part of Vital Invest unit-linked life assurance policies.

Zajištěný fond Forte is suitable for all clients who want to tap into the potential of the yields offered by equity markets, but at the same time do not want to take the risk that the value of their investment will decrease and prefer a guaranteed growth of value. The life policy and the fund suitably combine the advantages of investing and insurance cover for unpredictable situations in life.

"At the time of volatile share prices we have prepared a guaranteed product for our clients, which guarantees a minimum growth of value of 13% while offering the potential of yields on equity markets," says Radko Belada, head of retail banking marketing at Komerční banka.

"Zajištěný fond Forte offers a potential return of up to 52% as at the day of its maturity in eight years' time. At the same time, the fund may mature in three to eight years of its existence, depending on the performance of a basket of 20 international equities," adds Lukáš Fridrich, head of product marketing at Komerční pojišťovna.

The Vital Invest product combines investment with life assurance. Clients themselves decide on whether their Vital Invest policy will be more of an insurance product or more of an investment instrument. In respect of the insurance component, Vital Invest offers four different options for the scope of the cover in the event of death of the life assured, depending on the extent to which the client wants to provide for himself and his family. Certainty and cover can also be further extended by taking out supplementary personal accident insurance.

More information about Vital Invest and other life policies in the Vital group is available from any Komerční banka branch, at Komerční pojišťovna's free information line 800 10 66 10, and at www.kb.cz and www.kb-pojistovna.cz.

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