On 15 July 2010 Komerční banka starts offering investors a new guaranteed fund, KB Akcent 2, which secures 100% of investment on maturity (in six years), offers active portfolio management and a potential attractive return of 20% as early as after the second year in the case of a favourable development of the underlying portfolio of assets.

KB Akcent 2 is suitable for clients who are aware of the potential of the current equity and commodity prices and want to participate in the yields of the financial markets at the moment of their recovery. At the same time, they do not want to accept the risk of a further fall of these markets.

"At the time of equity markets' recovery, guaranteed funds such as KB Akcent 2 offer an appropriate investment solution to all clients who are looking for a safe and diversified approach to investment. KB Akcent 2 is attractive for the Czech market primarily thanks to the new way of active management of the portfolio's risk portion. In the investment model, every month investments are made in assets depending on the potential for their growth, which is evaluated on the basis of volatility in the preceding period. The investment model therefore searches for the best growth potential among equities in Europe, Asia, America, commodities and the exchange rate of the growing Turkish economy's lira," said Radko Belada, Head of Marketing Retail at KB.

The KB Akcent 2 guaranteed fund gives clients an opportunity to participate in the growth of equity and commodity markets at a time when equity and commodity prices are several dozen per cent below the historical maximums of 2008. The fund will mature in 2 to 6 years.

The investment can be made at any of KB branches. Clients who have in place an agreement on investment in foreign unit trusts can also make the investment via the MojeBanka internet banking and Expresní linka phone banking channels. The subscription period for the fund is from 15 July to 15 October 2010. The minimum investment in the fund is CZK 10,000. Lyxor Asset Management, a French investment company in the Société Générale Group, is the manager of the fund's portfolio.

Investors can obtain key information about KB Akcent 2 from their relationship manager, via the free information line 800 111 166, or at www.kb.cz.

More detailed information about KB Akcent 2 is contained in the fund's statute, which is available at KB's points of sale, at KB's registered office, and at www.iks-kb.cz.

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