Komerční banka's employees detected 1,429 forged banknotes with a face value totalling more than CZK 3 million in 2009. Czech crowns were the most frequently detected forgeries, followed by the euro and the UK pound notes.

According to the Czech National Bank's official statistics, 6,853 forged banknotes were intercepted in the Czech Republic last year. This is 49% more than in 2008. Komerční banka's employees contributed to the detection of counterfeit money to a considerable extent: KB's share of the total number of the forgeries seized in the Czech Republic was 21% last year.

"This large share is mainly attributable to the detection of 645 Czech crown banknotes that were seized from a client's safety box, which had been opened officially, at one of Komerční banka's branches in the Central Bohemian Region," said Jana Švábenská, Executive Director for Operations.

Komerční banka even had a share of as much as 30% of the number of forgeries taken out of circulation, i.e., counterfeit money seized by first of all financial institutions and bureaux de change.

Most of the forgeries detected and seized by Komerční banka's employees were Czech crowns (a total of 1,192 forgeries; KB's share of all the forgeries taken out of circulation in the Czech Republic was 34%), euro notes (139 forgeries, KB's share was 18%) and the UK pound notes (57 forgeries, KB's share was 41%). Also 41 US$ banknotes were seized (KB's share was 19%).