Komerční banka presents a time-limited offer and halves the entry fees for all Fénix funds for investments made from 12 May to 30 June 2010. By taking this step, Komerční banka is reaching out to the one-off and regular investors who seek an attractive growth of their uncommitted funds for a bargain price.

The strategy of the Fénix funds of funds is based on active management, which makes it possible for the fund manager to adjust the weighting of assets in the fund by their current performance. The Fénix investment scheme offers investors choice of four different investment strategies, which differ from each other by the proportion of the equity component in the portfolio.

"Fénix funds are an attractive option for one-off investments and also for regular investing, with the initial investment from as little as CZK 500; the reduction in the entry fees enhances their attraction even more," said Radko Belada, Head of Retail Marketing at KB.

Fénix funds have been designed for all types of investors, ranging from conservative investors preferring stable yields and low risk of their investment through to dynamic investors seeking professionally spread investments on equity markets but not wanting, or having no time, to manage their money on their own. Investors therefore need not spend time on the allocation of their investment to the various assets - an experienced portfolio manager will do this work for them.

The manager of Fénix funds is Investiční kapitálová společnost KB, a.s.

Growth of Fénix funds as at 13 May 2010 and fees applicable from 12 May to 30 June 2010

Fund 2010* 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 Entry fee **
Fénix konzervativní 1,43 4,69 -0,85 -0,23 0,51 n.a. 0,25 %
Fénix smíšený 1,93 10,23 -16,76 1,39 3,81 n.a. 0,50 %
Fénix dynamický 3,52 19,41 -30,89 1,48 -0,24 n.a. 0,75 %
Fénix dynamický PLUS 4,74 26,66 -42,87 -3,96 0,95 19,51 1,00 %

* at 13 May 2010
** Applicable from 12 May 2010 to 30 June 2010
Pursuant to the rules of collective investment we note that past performance of a fund is no guarantee of the same future results. The principal value of and income from the investment may fluctuate and return on the originally invested amount is not guaranteed. Data on past performance is based on gross performance and does not reflect the effect of additional fees, commissions or taxes. The complete names of the unit trusts are contained in the statutes or prospectuses of the funds.

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