The 17th Infortherma international exhibition, Infotherma 2010, will take place at the Černá louka fair grounds in Ostrava from 18 to 21 January, and Komerční banka will participate.

At the largest specialised exhibition of environmental and economical heating systems, energy savings and use of renewable resources in small and medium-sized buildings, Komerční banka will present its offer of EKO loans, which serve for supporting projects carried out under the Green for Savings scheme of the Ministry of the Environment.

"Komerční banka is a major partner of Státní fond životního prostředí [SFŽP, National Environment Fund] in the Green for Savings scheme. The co-operation is based not only on support for individuals-applicants when they apply for a subsidy through any of Komerční banka's branches, but also on help with the organisation of seminars focused on the Green for Savings scheme. We therefore regard our participation in the Infotherma exhibition as a matter of prestige," says Radko Belada, Head of Marketing Retail.

Komerční banka offers the following special types of specific-purpose loans to applicants for the Green for Savings subsidies:

  • EKO Osobní úvěr [EKO Personal Loan], maturity up to 6 years
  • EKO Úvěr na nemovitost [EKO Real Property Loan], maturity up to 10 years
  • EKO Hypoteční úvěr [EKO Mortgage Loan], maturity up to 30 years

Komerční banka provides all EKO loans at more advantageous interest rates and without any loan processing fee.

Naturally, EKO loans contain all the other benefits that are normally available at Komerční banka:

  • A free payment protection insurance policy, which is provided for the whole time of EKO Osobní úvěr a EKO Úvěr na nemovitost repayment;
  • The option of an early repayment of the loan without any penalties or fees, applicable to the EKO Osobní úvěr a EKO Úvěr na nemovitost loans;
  • The possibility to flexibly adjust the instalments on the EKO hypoteční úvěr loan if the applicant uses this functionality when taking out the loan.

Businesses, housing cooperatives and condominiums can also take part in the SFŽP's Green for Savings scheme. They can use the subsidy that they obtain for repaying on a one-off basis, without any penalty for early repayment, a part of an investment loan provided under the Residential House scheme. However, unlike individuals, they apply for subsidies at the SFŽP's regional offices.

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