At their General Meeting today, the shareholders of Komerční banka voted in favour of the proposal of the bank's Board of Directors for the payout of dividends of CZK 170 per share.

The proposed dividends total CZK 6,461,674,840. Dividend per share amounts to CZK 170 before tax. Shareholders who owned the shares of Komerční banka, a.s. with ISIN CZ0008019106 as at 22 April 2010 are entitled to dividends. Dividends shall be due as of 31 May 2010.

The General Meeting approved the regular and consolidated financial statements for 2009.

The shareholders also decided on the limits on the acquisition of ordinary treasury shares of Komerční banka under the following conditions: the largest number of shares that the bank can hold at any specific moment is 3,800,985 ordinary shares, representing a total nominal value of CZK 1,900,492,500. The share purchase value must be at least CZK 500 per share and CZK 5,000 per share at most. The time for which the bank may acquire such shares is 18 months. The bank may not acquire such shares if this should breach the conditions stipulated in Section 161a (1) (b), (c) and (d) of the Commercial Code. Throughout the term of validity of this consent, the bank can repeatedly buy and sell the shares without any other restrictions.

The shareholders also approved the Board of Directors' proposal for amendments to the bank's Articles of Association. The most important change is in the provisions on the exercise of some shareholder rights that mainly ensure sufficient information for shareholders' decision-making and the implementation of standards for the holding of general meetings identical with those in the European Union. The method for determining the record date for dividend payout has also been changed.

The General Meeting also appointed the external auditor for 2010, namely Ernst & Young Audit, s.r.o.