Responding to the demand on the market, from May 2010 Komerční banka extends its offering to include a new deposit product, KB Spořicí konto Bonus [The KB Bonus Savings Account]. The new product is based on the popular KB Spořicí konto [KB Savings Account], but differs from it by a more advantageous method of accrual of interest at a double-component rate of interest, which also reflects the duration of savings.

The new KB Spořicí konto Bonus is an instant-access account denominated in Czech crowns, which offers an attractive growth and the option of instant access to deposited money. Interest accrues on deposits at a double-component rate, comprised of a basic interest rate and a bonus rate.

Komerční banka declares and guarantees the level of the bonus rate for the whole bonus period, i.e., a calendar half-year. Interest earned at the basic rate is credited once a quarter, while the bonus is credited every half-year and is calculated from the lowest balance over the respective bonus period. For small businesses, Komerční banka newly offers Profi Spořicí účet Bonus [the Profi Bonus Savings Account], which works on the same basis.

"By taking this step, Komerční banka extends its offering to include a savings product through which KB rewards clients for their loyalty while allowing them instant access to their money," said Radko Belada, Head of Retail Marketing at KB.

KB Spořicí konto Bonus can also be easily managed via the MojeBanka internet banking channel or via Expresní linka KB. For more information about the product please visit

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