Following the drop over the holiday months, Komerční banka's EU Point Index rose significantly in October again. In particular the large number of applications submitted by businesses for energy savings and the large number of applications approved under the “EU Money for Primary Schools” scheme helped to boost the activity on the subsidy market. More than CZK 540 billion has been, or soon will be, allocated; only 33% of the allocation for the whole programming period is left for applicants in the Structural Funds now.

After the calm holiday months, the activity in the area of subsidies was very much above the average in October again. The newly opened calls will offer applicants, for example, CZK 1 billion for the commercialisation of research organisations' results, or CZK 4 billion for large projects intended for air quality improvement in the Moravian-Silesian Region. Under Regional Operational Programmes, new major calls were launched under the Northwest ROP (the IPRM municipal projects in Chomutov, Karlovy Vary and Ústí nad Labem) and the Moravia-Silesia ROP (support for public transport and tourism).

Under Operational Programme Education for Competitiveness, September saw the approval of 375 applications submitted by primary schools under the EU Money for Primary Schools scheme. For all primary schools, subsidies for reading, information and financial literacy, the teaching of foreign languages, mathematics and natural sciences, and higher use of IT have been prepared.

The number of submitted applications, particularly under Operational Programme Enterprise and Innovation, was also above the average. Over one month, CzechInvest staff accepted 1,225 applications, of which more than one half under the EKO-ENERGIE scheme. There is great demand for this scheme among corporate clients; support is provided to energy savings: improving the efficiency of energy generation, transmission and consumption.

Only one third of the allocation for the whole programming period remains for applicants

To date, managing authorities have approved contributions totalling CZK 394 billion, i.e. about one half of the amount for the whole programming period. But at the same time, projects for an additional 256 billion are being evaluated at present; they also include the so-called large projects that are subject to approval by EU officials in Brussels.

 “It can be expected that of these 265 billion, some applications will be successful. Judging by the success rate of 58% so far, it may be some CZK 150 billion. In reality, only 265 billion therefore remain for new applicants, which is one third of the allocation for the whole programming period,” said Jan Hanuš, head of the KB EU Point.

The various operational programmes have progressed to different stages in their implementation. The Transport OP has been virtually completely allocated, and not much is left under the Human Resources and Employment OP. The granting of contributions has also progressed under regional operational programmes (the farthest under the Southeast ROP). On the other hand, relatively much money remains under the Research and Development for Innovation OP, which is attributable to its delayed start and a large proportion of the applications now being evaluated.

KB EU Point provides KB's clients with assistance in the implementation of subsidised projects. Relationship managers will search, free of charge, for subsidy schemes appropriate for each specific project and the bank's EU Point regional specialists will provide detailed consultations. Specialised companies with proven experience and expertise then prepare applications for subsidies and take care of complete project administration. The selection of a particular company is left up to the client at all times. The bankers also recommend the optimum project financing, compliant with the subsidy conditions. More information can be obtained from a relationship manager or at

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