Komerční banka has offered clients a number of innovations related to debit and credit cards since the beginning of this year. In addition to the MojeOdměny concept, which makes it possible for clients to recoup the fees for withdrawals from ATMs, and the stylish Lady credit card for women, they also include a redesign of Komerční banka’s payment cards.

The redesign of payment cards was preceded by a poll amongst KB’s clients, which clearly suggested that the most appropriate solution would be to use various photographic motives depicting metropolises around the world. Of the large number of the designs that were then supplied, the “Monuments” concept was selected.

“This concept is based on the simple idea of a symbolic connection between the landmarks of the various world metropolises and the opportunity to use financial services not only in this country but all over the world,” clarifies Radko Belada, Head of Retail Banking Marketing at Komerční banka.

For the group of personal cards, monuments relating to leisure activities have been selected. On the contrary, monuments related to business have been chosen for business cards. For the target group of children and students, the approach to the graphic design was very different. Here, the landmarks are formally combined, using collage, into a modern whole, which is more appealing to young people.

Beginning early January, Komerční banka’s clients can receive additional benefits under the new MojeOdměny scheme. Every KB client has one free withdrawal from a KB ATM using a debit card in return for every card payment at retailers, regardless of the type of the card or account. A client with average activity will therefore have no problems having all withdrawals from KB ATMs free of charge, and need not own any of the more prestigious cards as has been the case so far.

The latest new feature is the Lady credit card, which provides Komerční banka’s clients with really smart and stylish benefits: stylish discounts when shopping in a broad network of partner shops, smart savings for pension with Penzijní fond Komerční banky, and a unique set of supplementary insurance policies that are tailored exactly to the needs of KB’s women clients.