Through KB Profilové fondy [KB Profile Funds], Komerční banka offers its clients a modern method for investing their uncommitted funds in pre-defined investment strategies. Without any worries or the need to watch the prices of securities, clients will obtain a product that will manage their money actively and efficiently.

KB Profilové fondy offer clients a modern investment opportunity based on an active management of the money in the fund; this approach has so far been applied mainly to investment solutions for professional investors. An experienced team of managers evaluates the situation on capital markets on a regular basis and adjusts the proportions of assets in the fund’s portfolio accordingly, i.e., based on their current performance.

“On the basis of feedback from clients, we have prepared for all potential investors easily understandable investment schemes in the form of KB Profilové fondy. We offer our clients four clearly defined investment strategies catering to investors’ typical profiles,” said Radko Belada, Head of Marketing Retail at Komerční banka.

KB Profilové fondy, which include funds called KB Konzervativní profil [KB Conservative Profile], KB Vyvážený profil [KB Balanced Profile], KB Růstový profil [KB Growth Profile] and KB Dynamický profil [KB Dynamic Profile], take into account all types of investor, ranging from those who prefer stable yields and low risk to active investors who want their investments to be professionally spread on equity markets and who themselves do not want, or have no time, to actively manage their money.

“The clearly defined strategies of KB Profilové fondy make investment decisions easier for clients. On the basis of his individual investment profile, the investor simply selects the strategy that best meets his needs, and we take care of the rest,” added Radko Belada.

KB Profilové fondy are suitable both for one-off investments and regular investing, with an initial invested amount of as little as CZK 500. The units of these funds can be bought at all Komerční banka branches. It is also easy to invest in the funds via the MojeBanka internet banking application.

KB Profilové fondy are managed by Investiční kapitálová společnost KB, a member of Amundi Group, one of the three largest asset managers in Europe and eight largest in the world.

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