Komerční banka has posted an application form for the MůjÚčet package on its website. Those who are interested can apply for the MůjÚčet package in a few steps at www.kb-online.cz. FG Forrest, an Internet agency, has developed this software application for Komerční banka.

Thus, Komerční banka has expanded its online services. For its current and, above all, future clients it offers a very easy way of applying for MůjÚčet on line. Clients will only have to take a few very easy steps to apply for a MůjÚčet package on the website. Following the completion and sending of a simple form, the client is contacted by Komerční banka’s call centre. Together, they will run over some details and make arrangements for the signing of the agreement and delivery of the payment card at a KB branch of the client’s choice.

Faultless operability and the required security of input data are a precondition for a reliable application. FG Forrest has extensive experience and references in respect of these parameters. The long-term co-operation between FG Forrest and Komerční banka has been successfully put to test in many joint projects.

“MůjÚčet is the first product that can also be taken out online by those who are not yet Komerční banka’s clients. We therefore regard this opportunity as a breakthrough and are confident that it will be possible to offer additional products and services in this way very soon. We have sought to simplify the application form itself and all the related processes as much as possible with a view to making it comfortable and quick for the clients to obtain MůjÚčet packages,” says Radko Belada, Head of Retail Banking Marketing at Komerční banka.