Since the beginning of April, Komerční banka has been offering two new types of credit card, specifically the A card, issued on the MasterCard World platform, and the Lady card. In addition to the standard functions, the two new cards offer a number of supplementary services and benefits, for example, discount schemes and contributions to private pension schemes amounting to 1% of the volume of non-cash card transactions.

The A card is intended for all those who want to pay in shops easily and securely and withdraw cash from ATMs anywhere in the world, while enjoying shopping with discounts thanks to various discount schemes. In addition to the standard offering, which includes an up to 45-day grace period, also applicable to withdrawals from ATMs, and the option of withdrawing cash using the cash back service, the A card offers a number of new features. These mainly include a loyalty discount scheme, VIP Sphere Card, for up to 30% discounts available from more than 8,000 partners, including e-shops, and the Elite scheme that can help the card holder insure purchased goods and facilitate reservation services.

The Lady card, which brings really smart and stylish benefits, is intended primarily for women. Lady cards offer bargain discounts for shopping in a broad network of partner shops selling fashionable clothing, but also those focused on cosmetics, health, fine food, and culture. Lady cards also contain a unique set of additional insurance policies for women. In addition to insurance of purchased goods, an extended warranty period, insurance of delivery of goods bought online, insurance of cancellation of admission tickets and insurance of the handbag, clients who hold a Lady card also obtain some useful assistance services, the Lifestyle service and the Home Assistance service. Furthermore, clients can also take out an optional payment protection insurance policy covering loss of employment, long illness, disability, and death. Clients can receive information about all the benefits and ongoing events related to the Lady card at

“Credit cards have become such a widespread payment instrument that the range of the services they offer cannot be limited to only payment for goods and services. Customers logically expect to receive something extra. And we have tried to reflect this wish in the additional services on the new KB credit cards as much as possible,” said Radko Belada, Head of Retail Banking Marketing at Komerční banka.

Both of these credit cards are part of the next stage in the development of the MojeOdměny concept, under which Komerční banka rewards clients for their activity. Card holders will obtain a contribution to their pension fund scheme, amounting to 1% of the volume of non-cash card transactions, regardless of whether they draw on credit or repay their entire card spending within the grace period. If the value of non-cash transactions made using the card exceeds CZK 3,000 per month, they do not even pay any fees for card maintenance.